Hammering quality rework and hammer variety

Remove existing stone hammer entirely. Make sure several of the tough chunk type items have a hammering quality 1, such as stones or metal chunks. (probably already OK)

Tough stone hammer: Hammering quality 2
Average durability, weight and bulkiness. A handcrafted stone hammer put together by a seasoned anti-urban, city-hating, nature-loving woodsman. Requires Survival 5 to craft.

Makeshift hammer: Hammering quality 2
Requires Mechanics 3 and/or Fabrication 3 to craft (or higher). Average durability. Not pretty but it is otherwise equal to an industrially manufactured hammer. A leather strap is wound tightly around the handle for a good grip. Does not conduct electricity.

Hammer: Hammering quality 2
Finally a proper goddamn hammer. This one is more durable than the makeshift version. Higher crafting requirements. Wooden handle. Does not conduct electricity. Could be repaired with wood or metal.

Hammer: Hammering quality 2
Metal handle with a rubber coating. Does not conduct electricity. Superior durability. Can only be repaired with metal. Assuming it can be dented in the first place.

Clawhammer: Hammering quality 2, prying quality 1. As good as a hammer a can get. Metal handle with rubber coating. Superior durability.

(optionally / easter egg)
Hammer: Hammering quality 2
Some numbskull has removed the rubber coating off of the handle of this otherwise perfectly fine metal hammer. It totally conducts electricity now, and could slip from your grasp at any time, making it more dangerous to the user, so you must deal with it. (this is a homage to the Hydraulic Press Channel in YouTube)

So, in a nutshell: Reduce max hammering quality to 2, tweak all recipes that require 3 to 2. All this was inspired by the discussion in the “Starting from scratch living off the land, and I’ve hit a snag. help?” thread due to the catch-22 in fabricating a proper hammer without a chisel, or vice versa.

Link to the thread

That catch-22 was resolved ages ago.

Also, mechanics 3/fabrication 3 to make a cheap hammer? What?