Doubts about Mycus mutations mechanics

For some reason im having toubles to get any Mycus mutations while sleeping. After sleeping 8 times i only managed to get the mycus identity mutation.

Has there been any changes in the Mycus mechanics?, i remember one was able to get mycus mutation pretty easy after getting the to postthreshold, although the last time i tried it was some versions after the stable C

After some more testing, i think the way the mutations works now affected the mycus mutations too, since it seems to give upped version of the starting traits (although it gets downgraded before getting any mycus related mutation)

and for some weird reason sometimes you get trouble to get the mycus feeder mutation too

you have an 11% chance of starting on the mycus path when consuming the marloss berry. the text you show is a 33% chance to happen and gives you 1 mutation. you can also get affected similarly to a purifier 22% chance for purifier and minus 40 pain 11% chance to do that as well as remove radiation. 11% makes you full. 11% makes you vomit. One of those results will occur when you consume it to continue on the mycus path you need to get lucky.

the problem is the next step, went full mycus, and the only mutation i got was the mycus feeder, and that only because it doesnt let you eat other thing than the mycus fruit, but afterwards, nothing