My Stone Age run on the ipad version

Firstly, I consider this to be stone age because I don’t have fancy stuff other people have. I’m talking about an awesome car, awesome gear, awesome character, mutations, and a ton of bionics… I’ll colorize the post to make it feel authentic.

This is my run on the ipad with a janitor named Oswaldo Barkley playing with slow, mundane, and classic zombies on, which is basically easy mode. In my starting town, I found a like new electric car in a garage and then I ended up on a farm because it has infinite water. (although there is a river nearby) I want to show off my run to you guys. Although it isn’t much, I am proud to have survived this long on flatbread made out of flour made out of acorns or wild buckwheat, moose meat, wild vegetables, and the infinite farm water pump.

At some point I cut down a bunch of trees and made a wooden bicycle (Oswaldo Barkley’s wooden bicycle) that can fit 3 people but at full capacity it’s too heavy to move. I’ll have to make a diagram, dunno how to post screenshots from the ipad. I also have that electric car I mentioned. Think of an electric car, but with wooden spikes on the front. I’m not doing that diagram, it would be too confusing:

[glow=brown,2,300]o[/glow] wooden frame wire bike basket (vol: 8/60) 20" wooden cart wheel #dang it, ran over a shrub earlier
[glow=brown,2,300]o[/glow] wooden frame controls wood box (vol: 100/150) foot pedals
[glow=brown,2,300]o[/glow] wooden frame wood box (vol: 76/150) 20" wooden cart wheel

Name: Oswaldo Barkley’s Wooden Bicycle
Safe/Top Speed: 25/70 km/h Most damaged: wooden cart wheel
Acceleration: 2 km/h/t K aerodynamics: 86%
Mass: 80 kg K friction: 98%
Cargo Volume: 184/360 K mass: 98%
Status: like new Fuel usage: -
Wheels: enough

Sadly, I think this run has hit a brick wall because it seems like I got -100 health and I can’t regen hp by sleeping anymore. I have ||||\ hp on everything except right leg. (||||.) I was Very hungry, Thirsty, and Tired when I looked at my character. I’ll list equipment and character sheet. Comments are followed by a # just like in code:

. mess kit (83) #looks like I was cooking before saving and quitting, although in my farm I have: sledge hammer, fire axe, wood axe, wooden spear, awlpike, longbow+++, composite bow, short bow, self bow, knife spear, crowbar, hammer, steak knife, Swiss army knife, grappling hook, flaregun, pack of firecrackers, and a bunch of pits and bear traps, don’t go thinking I was defenseless

++ pair of socks (fits)
++ long underwear bottom (fits) #it was winter with shortest season length
++ long underwear top (fits)
|| tinfoil hat #the 6 cut protection was irresistible
++ pair of bifocal glasses
++ pair of socks (fits)
++ tank top (fits) #you may notice my character has become a good tailor. loving those ++ clothes
++ halter top (fits)
++ camisole (fits)
++ pair of sunglasses
++ pair of safety glasses
|| wearable flashlight (57)
++ balaclava (fits)
++ plastic canteen #I rarely used this
++ pair of medical gloves
++ bandana
|| sheath with ++ steak knife (fits) #I had a soldering iron too!
++ pair of elbow pads (fits)
++ cotton hat (fits)
++ pair of combat boots (fits)
|| radiation badge
|| wearable flashlight (98)
++ pair of light gloves
|| whistle
++ survivor runner pack #I love this thing
++ pair of leather gloves (fits)
++ rain hood
++ firefighter helmet (fits) #keeping me alive since I found it.
++ trenchcoat (fits)
++ simple patchwork scarf (fits)
++ army pants (fits)
|| wrist watch
++ utility vest (fits)

Character sheet:

Oswaldo Barkley | Male | Janitor

10 strength 12 dexterity 13 intelligence 12 perception (no stats through skills)

melee 5
survival 5
bashing weapons 5 #I had plenty of practice turning NPCs, zombies, and mooses into mush with a sledge hammer. Heck, I used to go hunting with it
cooking 4
tailoring 4
mechanics 4
marksmanship 4 #I forgot how I got marksmanship 4, I think through sheer practice of shooting fire hardened wooden arrows at a tree
construction 4
throwing 3
driving 3 #I ride my bicycle to raid a nearby town the other side of a nearby river. I set the sporting goods store on fire, I regret it :confused:
archery 3
fabrication 3
piercing weapons 3
dodging 3
speaking 3
unarmed combat 3
swimming 2 #I practiced in the nearby swamp, I learned taking a bath while naked increases morale
cutting weapons 2
rifles 2 #must have been a book, an npc, or something else
first aid 1
computers 1
bartering 1
trapping 1
electronics 1
launchers 1 #most level 1 skills are from books
shotguns 1
handguns 0 (64%)
submachine guns 0

accomplished sleeper
glass jaw
heavy sleeper
hoarder #hoarder penalty in the ipad version is ridiculously low compared to current version, even missing a little bit would give like -10 morale in current version but only -1 in ipad version
trigger happy
truth teller



Was there anything I could have done better?

how are you not dying from heat? you are just wearing so many hot items at the same time.

and having -100 health should be really hard to get if you aren’t constantly getting hit with negatives, such as bad mutations or bionics. so something is up with that.

[quote=“tarburst98, post:2, topic:13955”]how are you not dying from heat? you are just wearing so many hot items at the same time.

and having -100 health should be really hard to get if you aren’t constantly getting hit with negatives, such as bad mutations or bionics. so something is up with that.[/quote]I wasn’t even warm. It was winter and snowing when I took screenshots with the ipad (press power button and home button) and wrote the things down here. Of course I’ll have less clothes put on in spring, summer, or autumn. The closest I came to dying from heat was an npc flamethrower setting the forest on fire.

I think I may have gotten -100 health when I accidentally ran over an npc and suffered killed innocent penalty, (-100 morale for a few days) so I couldn’t craft/cook. There was a romance novel in a nearby gas station, but it wasn’t enough. I ended up eating raw meat and drinking river water for a few days. Since I stopped regenerating hp from sleeping, I tried eating around 2 vitamins every day, but still no improvement. I even drank tons of herbal tea for days on end and it was supposed to increase health, but still no improvement here either. Then again, this is the ipad version, so it’s much worse than the current version, and I’m not just talking about the controls… it had an older version.

If you can find a gamma globulin shot, that could help boost your health up by a bit.