Adding a custom basement that can spawn organically within the base game

Hello. I’m making a very small, basic mod that does effect the way the game generates cities. Basically, a custom basement that is specifically for a neckbeard.

I’ve tried doing this:

However, I’m at a loss on how I can inject my basement into the game without modifying core files. I’ve tried using some sort of add-on code that doesn’t do anything, it starts at line 94 in the pastebin.

Any help would be heaps appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Edit: After seeing the horrendous formatting, I’ve moved all the code to pastebin. Cheers.

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Your basement looks okay. I’ve looked into a modding guide but it’s quite difficult to find :confused:

I did find this but it’s a bit out of date:

Using a mod allows you to enable and disable it trough the mod manager in-game.

I think your basement is a candidate for the mainline, why not submit it on Github and get it added?

Someone graciously messaged me on discord a solution, and since I’m vehemently against people just saying “Figured it out, thanks”, I’ll share it with everyone.

ralreegorganon: @Odieman You want a region overlay like this:

A region overlay does this, so if you want a custom overmap tile or whatever, something that you can sort of ‘inject’ into the base game without touching it, this seems to be the way. If I find out something different, I’ll be sure to edit this post. Otherwise, this is the proper method and any admins or moderators browsing this thread can lock it.