Dogs and cars

I want dogs to go on seats and not die in the car that’s it.

this is a good suggestion i give it a dog out of car

I’m so sorry

The real challenge is getting the dog in the care in the first place.
Also if we’re talking realism, you’d probably have to deal with:
The dog licks your face! x4
You lose control of the vehicle! x2

I think this is intended to be a feature eventually, possibly even by the next stable release, though I can’t be sure.

The issue right now is that dogs don’t have the same abilities and options players and NPCs(?) have (I haven’t actually tried getting an NPC into a car before, I play without them but I assume they can do it). Without the ability to “sit” at a seat they’re treated as an object separate from the car when it starts accelerating, and usually get 'sploded shortly afterward.

Work is being done on friendly dog inventories and stuff I believe, so dogs riding in cars is probably not far away.

Yup, NPCs can ride your car, IIRC.

I tried it a few times for some quick but long-range nightraids at the nearby megacity.

Yeah, this is definitely planned, and will probably happen at the same point in time that zombies and other monsters gain the ability to ride in your car with you as well.