Zombie forts

This is my first post guys please don’t hate,

Hey guys and gals, I have been playing cataclysm since the beginning, But it seems as you progress through the game building a base is not that important. You can jut build a demon car and commit zombie genocide without a second thought, I strive to keep the realism and think of myself in the same position as my survivor, So building a fortified compound seems to be the best idea for my character, Would anyone mind sharing fort pics if there are any out there still,

My fort, I was a little cheat’y and spawned a clairvoyance artifact to take pic. It has been disposed of Btw this is my second survivor the one who built this stepped on an ill fated landmine RIP It will be missed.

Welcome to the fourms, and welcome home from deployment judging from your signature.

I would never have the patience to build anyting more than a few simple walls. Good job.

Clairvoyance cube is ideal for taking screencaps of this nature. I’ll retroactively authorize that action.

Welcome to the forums, and yeah, the fort castle looks Nifty. Now to have some buildings inside the bailey.

Iv got to figure out how to get yeast that room near the garage is my brewing room with kegs vat and still starting growing food and wheat since im playing as a moonshine guzzling old man and there is no way in hell im going into the city for em.

Very impressive. I dont have the patience to do anything that complex. How long did it take you?

took bout a week in a half for all the walls and stuff along with another week for all the supplies to furnish the place

Dayum. Thats a lot of time. Now to add an underground section :D.

dang it someone beat me to making a castle, i was waiting for the next version to get started but i guess it came too late.
but yeah awesome fort!

not done man adding towers on the sides you can see the foundations im going to use the new z level’s for higher towers and hopefully increase the farm so i never have to leave iv already got water pumps going. saltmummy626 im already making a underground munitions storage and hopefully where i keep my z slaves from gnawing on my face when i sleep btw iv named him Albert and he servers me sparkling champagne in bed.

Awesome fort. Would be a great experience to have a big horde to test those walls (and to attract more Z’s through noise to make a full scale siege ) ).

To my shame, I only managed to build a few log walls (with plans to make indoor route from farm house to farm garage, which was never done).

Anyway - good work. Looking forward to see more of yours buildings.

thanks If any of you want the save file to mess around and make your own changes just tell me

Pretty cool base. Got any traps or other defenses? If I was you I would set out some turrets. Away from the mines of course, if the camp still got them.

Great idea iv just gota find em and not get shot ti pieces by em.

Incredibly impressed. Really. Awesome.

much wow, such fort

How the fuck did you manage too lvl up your construction skill that high? 0o
I only, rarely manage to get wooden palisades XD

Hide in a corner and just build stuff for no apparent reason also before the base i barricaded every house i slept in.

I usually just find a sufficiently large building (preferably with a basement; hotels and office towers work excellently) and wall it off, board up the windows, and destroy all the glass walls (if any) and replace them with regular ones.

My real forte is converting cube vans into mobile command centers.