My head exploded for no apparent reason

Can someone explain what happened here ? i assume my head exploded or the NPC shot me, but there’s no line in the lof to explain it. Last action i took was trying talking to a NPC, then died.

also, for reasons does not recognize imgur links as images

You need to link to the image like this.

And I’m curious as to what happened to your head too, this looks hilarious, specially as it looks like the NPC saw it coming.

Dual 1440p monitors?

Btw, is it feasible to play eve by buying plex ingame and how much would i have to farm, i haven’t played in years.

Oh and the game probably thought you were an npc and imploded your head for fun.

yeah, it’s possible to play EVE by buying ingame PLEX, it depends on how much time you want to invest. 20h or less if you know what you’re doing. Or if you afk mine like me while doing any other shit :smiley:

bout the game, i really hope it’s not this : :smiley:

You took an attack, but from what?
The armor was damaged, so it looks like an attack of some kind.

It one shotted you?
Did you arm die too, or was that already there?

Lets see …

My first assumption was an attack from NPC. But it would be announced. My second was a diggy monster or explosion, but those would be announced too. My third is a flying monster. I dont think mons on differing zlevels will display text. But I didnt add any fliers capable of 1shotting a player from above. And flames or a giant bee would have left some text clues, and also not 1shotted you.

I also dont think I have any monsters that can attack from farther than you can see.



“id”: “mon_robot_drone”,
“type”: “MONSTER”,
“name”: “Helidrone”,
“description”: “An automated anti-personnel drone produced by contract winner Hiensfeld Manufacturing; resembling a helicoptor the size of a human torso. Equipped with a battle rifle, the drone possesses functional thrusters and a trio of aesthetic propellers that serve in close combat.”,
“default_faction”: “defense_bot”,
“species”: [ “ROBOT” ],
“diff”: 28,
“size”: “SMALL”,
“hp”: 30,
“speed”: 190,
“material”: [ “steel” ],
“symbol”: “H”,
“color”: “i_ltgreen”,
“aggression”: 100,
“morale”: 100,
“melee_skill”: 4,
“melee_dice”: 3,
“melee_dice_sides”: 4,
“melee_cut”: 24,
“dodge”: 4,
“armor_bash”: 8,
“armor_cut”: 14,
“vision_day”: 50,
“vision_night”: 12,
“luminance”: 8,
“revert_to_itype”: “bot_robot_drone”,
“starting_ammo”: { “556”: 100 },
“special_attacks”: [
[ “PARROT”, 30 ],
“type”: “gun”,
“cooldown”: 1,
“gun_type”: “m4a1”,
“ammo_type”: “556”,
“fake_skills”: [ [ “gun”, 6 ], [ “rifle”, 4 ] ],
“fake_dex”: 10,
“range”: 18,
“ranges”: [
[ 2, 7, “AUTO” ],
[ 8, 15, “DEFAULT” ]
“targeting_sound”: “Bleerp~blip”,
“targeting_volume”: 12,
“targeting_cost”: 150,
“description”: “The Helidrone fires!”,
“no_ammo_sound”: ““Bleepblop.””
“death_drops”: {
“groups”: [
[ “robots”, 90 ],
[ “robots”, 90 ]
“death_function”: [ “BROKEN” ],


Could it be a helidrone headshotting you? Do you have experimental zlevels turned on?
Did you savescum? if you did can you teleport up and down and look for one? itd be right next to you on the x/y axis

sry, no saves. also afaik i was near no taller than groundlvl building, but yes, i had z-levels active. in fact i was in the middle of a field.

also my arm was already dead

A rifle round in the head seems to be the cause then.
And the arm too, from the look of it. A full-auto burst means it was in close proximity to you.

Helidrone can fly, and fliers have been noticed to path up and down zlevels when the option is turned on. My guess is the helidrone spawned at some military corpse mx_extra and flew up and targeted you as the strongest one in the area.


Im sorry. I dont mind hard, but sniped from nowhere is too much. Ill remove its prioritzation code at the least. I wish there was a way to ensure it made noise up on another zlevel but idk if I can.

best sniper is an invisible sniper :smiley:

but yeah, death by god is too much :stuck_out_tongue: