Ughhh AHHH ITS ACTUALLY REAL NOW! (Hallucinations becoming real after saving)

Yeah, that was messed up. Alcohol withdraw, tried to sleep, game crashed, reloaded that hallucination zombie child ruined my pants and bit my leg. He became a real boy.

I am laughing too much at this. XD

I wont totally mind if this stayed

it’s not a glitch, its a feature… ( I think) :slight_smile:

I don’t mind if some of them become real, adding a real risk to hallucinating, but it only happens after I saved and quit. Also it lets me see So many monsters I’ve never encountered its neat. Plus swinging at a hallucination is a great safe way to get a couple of % to the next level of my weapon.

This has just been fixed in the latest experimental.

I hallucinated a jabberwock once that is horrifying oh god.

good, yes. fix is good.

I can sleep now.