Bug or bad config?

Very long loading times, Tested in home and work computers. Stop in “verify”, last step.

Slow cursor movement only in “drop” menu.
Not with the one you call with " / "

Savegame 3 months old, 250 MB, 11k files. Last experimental.
Dino mod, dirty, npc needs, player needs full, blazemod.
Its only me?
My save is bad?
Need config something to use more of my FX6300 CPU?

Wow, that’s fast. I remember a post somewhere around here about launching CDDA on a 486 PC.

Its was the best option 4 years ago for a low cost gaming PC.
The one at my work place is a very old Celeron.
Can you tell me if you have this problem with big saves? I m tempted to restart the game.

It happens to me too if I got slot of enemies nearby or if I’ve been playing for awhile like a day IRL so it might be an optimization thing with file size. I’d honestly suggest deleting the world or at least resetting and starting over might be easier. Or get a more powerful more memory capacity computer.

My save is only 120 mb large, and it’s not that bad. I suppose. Surely the loading times are longer compared to the new world, but nothing dramatical.

I just looked and my biggest save is 1.2 gigs. :astonished:
5 seconds to load for me, so it sounds like something’s buggy with your save?

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Thats the answer I want! Thanks Mantar.
New world then. In a fresh install. Hope dinomod was not the culprit.

Meanwhile, my save has reached 250 mb and I’m experiencing the same things as @Belcanzor.

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Finally, someone else. Thanks Rose.

I start again. New install.
Around the 3 city, 120 Mb, 4.000 files, more than 30 sec in the “verify” part.
Nothing added or removed.
I have the file compressed (8 mb) if someone want to check.

Do you have this thing when after loading the world and making the first steps the game just stucks for a moment? Like within 10-20 first steps?
I doubt that it’s the system, since your PC is quite fast and mine is so damn slow, especially the HDD that has nearly 40000 hours on it. (fix - the drive with cdda has 32k hours. still old enough).

I too had this happen on my world. One character I made and played for the course of a weekend, I noticed the load was taking over a minute, made a new character on the same world and it loaded instantly. I think it has to do with the new terrain memory feature bloating the save file.

Disable the memory dont work.
Change the tileset, same.
You think the bloat is permanent?

Rose: I use a old Celeron in my work and same result. I never check the HDD hours, my computer as a new HD and the other is a notebook, a very old Compaq.

Well, I don’t usually check HDD hours too, but mine is clicking in a strange manner and making other sounds, so I deсided to check it with different programs.

Click noises! The horror!
Make a backup !

Nah, that’s just the arm leaving the parking spot. Nothing serious, it’s been clicking for a couple of years now.

It’s only a theory that it’s coming from terrain memory, turning it off wouldn’t solve the problem because that’s only toggling it rather than removing it and the memory remains active in the background whether you use the feature or not.

Maybe there is a file in your save folder that holds the terrain memory that you could delete. Doing a bit of experimenting, the .seen. files are for the world map, not sure which file terrain memory could be.

How about ask the devs? I mean ask about the right file.

Is not a urgent issue but is annoying.

My theory is this is a inventory bug. I see there are increasing times browsing inventory if I use the drop (d) command.

Could also be an inventory bug, I would think a huge stockpile of food and drinks constantly checking ambient temperature could slow down a save.

As I mentioned, I started a new character in the same world. I should also add that they were both high tech low life scenarios and started at the same place. The basement is where I had my base set up so all of the stuff I gathered was still there from the last character. It was only after I started traveling around, the long load times happen again on the new character. If it has anything to do with inventory, I would guess it’s checking spoilage and freezing variables from say zombie or creature corpses and all of the meat that could potentially be claimed from them.

I try tonight consume all food with my party and remove corpses with the blob food recipe.
Edit: Nope. Also I delete some files and nothing.

The game is taking over a minute to load now.