My friendly dog does not follow me

Hello. Is it possible to use a short rope in order to keep our dog close? My dog stays close only when I am one or two tiles away. It is so annoying… I have to tie it all the time because the dog disappears very often. I have a dog whistle and in a passive mode it is not better at all


well, tbh just leave the dog, it might sound inhumane in real life situations but in c:dda its better to do this. the dog will die in any other situations even if you bring it and it isnt really much of any help. this is immoral but it is the truth :frowning:

Dogs are your best friend in Cata.

Maybe try giving it dog food? I think it will follow you then, but if any enemies come around it will just run at them and die.

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Would be so nice if we coyld improve the survivability for friendly creatures and NPC. Maybe even make a mod where they cant die. To see how that pans out.

Still seeking solutions about this too

There’s a mod where you can train friendly dogs. Draco dog smth