They're coming

Congrats, you found a dog.

Seriously, though, what is this thread about? It seems to me to serve no purpose whatsoever.

Uhh… what?

i dint get it so…if im correct this gose in general discusion

having lots of trouble with dogs and dog like creatures wrecking me unless i make a dedicated melee survivor, thought others had this problem. Just picked up cata again after a while and dont remember them being a threat ever. ive been fleeing for my life from every four legged fluffy creature i see.

well the best solution if you miss all the time wen in close combat is higher dexterity so you have lower chanses of missing but higher at hiting or get a gun and shoot them

that or a spraycan flamethrower. wolf for dinner tonight.

grab some rocks and throw them at said dogs, most small animals can’t deal with that.

Throwing rocks at dogs (even though its a game, the thought still makes me unhappy) is a way to get them to go away. coyote and wolves are harder though. I usually carry a small pistol (or 12 guage pistol) to “frighten” off those two. I mostly just chase dogs off.

Aims coyote with Law missel launcher
Oh um owell had a better plan
Changes too 12 gauge pistol
Ignore that LAW i wasent going to shoot it…ha…ha

Errr… you realize that normal dogs arent hostile unless you hit them first, right?

actually dogs atack when you are heavy injured

actually dogs atack when you are heavy injured[/quote]Indeed. They are opportunists.

Haven’t played the experimental builds myself, so I wouldn’t know about their deadliness. I’m waiting for a stable release to go nuts on Cataclysm.

I’ve had a heap of canines outside my base. They would aggrevate coyotes and each other of course, as they were never concerned about my character’s wounds. Wildlife has no insight in your equipment and health, individual predators care for their territory and pack animals mostly hunt for food until they’re uncapable to do so (e.g. you manage to hurt them badly).

Piles of dogs loitering outside your base, pissing off the bears. making and giving them all dog food is a good way to get rid of/temporarily clear out the weaker wildlife.

Animal hostility is definitely related to how injured the character is. The best example of this are ants, the normal worker ants won’t attack, but have a few body parts in red an suddenly all the ants in the colony are coming after you.

Thats good to know, it also seems like they follow you a lot and just attack out of the blue. I was referring to zombie and skeleton dogs too but they seem easier to hit. a bunch of blobs invaded my big ol base and gave me so much melee practice and now i split dogs IN HALF.

Yes, they can pick up on your scent (all of them) - it’s only that even “the common dog is gone feral” doesn’t mean you need to fear every time you craft something, and “A dog is spotted!!!”. Even a moose is more likely to rip your entrails out, a pack of yard puppies are just used to the town’s smell.

Also try lowering torso encumbrance, you’ll be able to fight in melee much better.

This. Oh my god this. Torso emcumbrance will kill you dead. It screws with both melee skill, dodge, and the time it takes to make an attack.