Where do Dogs Spawn?

Title says it all i am trying to set up a friendly dog and scavenger team

Wherever there is noise.

Make some loud noise out in the wilderness and soon you’ll have a friendly doggy come to investigate!

[sub][size=8pt]…or a pack of zombears…[/size][/sub]

Awesome and what about dog whistles?

they will also follow your scent to wherever your staying. dog food is fine, but the whistle is needed to control them. otherwise they just run off.
also when youve got one dog following you, get another, and use the whistle, the dog following you will run off after enemies while the one you just “tamed” will start to follow you. kind of hard to get a “team” together without half of them running off.

Yeah… whistles are the hard part. I’ve only seen about a half dozen in my many hours of playing A.0. They’re rare, to be sure. Only ever found them in houses, specifically bedrooms, living rooms, and possibly kitchens. The .json files should have a list of locations and item spawns, you could try checkimg there.

Dogs are fragile… if only I could figure out some mutagen to make a super-dog!

Will a tamed dog that follows you sit in the car with you like NPCs do?

Mutagen no, but I did find a k-9 kevlar harnas today. After shooting the previous owner in the face.
So odd’s are that you can use one of those to beef your friend up.

Get a kennel of dogs and pop in a Granade to ‘upgrade’ them. Well, if you don’t upgrade them you’ll debuff them/do nothing to them, but it’ll be WORTH!

This sounds more entertaining than it should be

Honestly, They are pretty much everywhere, just go into a field and start living and one will come pretty soon. As mean as this sounds they make good food sources, as taming them is more trouble then worth and they get ANNOYING following you around :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think you can make any friendly dog wear a kevlar harness. That in fact makes sense since only specially trained dogs would be comfortable with that.