My first weapon pack mod! (based off of the game SAS4)

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Xeno’s SAS4 Weapons Pack

My objective with this mod is to include every weapon present in the game SAS4: Zombie Assault. Please do consider that this is purely to learn better coding skills and create this mod for our savegames because we love most of these weapons.

There are roughly 100 weapons inside of the game, around 40 of which i have done so far, my mod aims to include all 100 of them insie of Cataclysm:Dark Days Ahead with a perfect balance layout. also make it compatable with every mod present in base game!

Included Weapons

Absolutely not! every weapon is balanced with the base game’s ammunition, 9mm, 7.62x39mm, 12mm and so on are all used inside of this pack!

there is only one new ammunition type, but it’s craftable and behaves like arrows.

But won’t there be a hundred more extra ammunition?

Energy weaponry?

This is probably the biggst thing i’ve done so far, there are multiple weapons included in this pack that use the Battery Cells to power their shots, without excessive damage.

Development progress!

the mod is still in development, but is currently in a balanced and playable state! you can try it out now! or just follow the updates here

HVM (High Value Metrics) Weaponry

Producers of the first five weapons inside of this pack. very low firepower but very common.


5 Weapons
8 Magazines
2 Crafting Recipes

RI (Rubicon Industries) Weaponry

manufacturers of pretty average weapons, less common but slightly better and use multiple type sof ammunition.


13 Weapons
19 Magazines
5 Crafting Recipes

CM (Critical Mass) Weaponry

manufacturers of quite more powerful weapons but are more rare and harder to use.


16 Weapons
15 Magazines
3 Crafting Recipes

Rancor Weaponry

manufacturers of my favourite kinds of unique weapons.


7 Weapons
9 Magazines
3 Crafting Recipes
1 Ammo type with 3 different modifiers

also here’s my current plans that i am already working on regularly

Planned Updates:

Future updates hold:

Z-arm Tech

3 Weapons and relative magazines


7 Weapons and relative magazines

Smoke Stacks

5 Weapons and relative magazines

HIKS (Harris Intelligent Kill Systems)

3 Weapons and relative magazines


around 2 Weapons and relative magazines

Premium Collaboration

about 29 Weapons and relative magazines all cross compatable with every manufacturer


Finally, some zombie killing toys. I once played Sas4 as a high leveled assault on mobile. Btw, will all of the gear have some custom tilesets?

I use to play too which made me want to create this mod, mostly the mixmaster which was my favourite weapon.
I don’t really know if there will be custom sprites. It’s a good idea but a very tough thing without any tiles skills.
I will consider it but there’s a low chance.

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Or maybe you can ask some deadguy he sometimes make tilesets for mods too.

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Xeno’s SAS4 Weapons Pack UPDATE 1

Added Ronson’s Weapon line Manufacturers

6 Weapons

Ronson 45

Ronson 50

Ronson 55

Ronson 65 a

Ronson 70

Ronson LBM

18 Magazines

3x .45

6x .50 BMG

5x 7.62x39mm

4x speedloaders

4 recipes

4x speedloaders mods on HVM

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