My First Kill, and DEath

So I was wandering around outside the shelter on the first day, not really sure where to go. There were fields and shrubs and flowers, and eventually a road. I hadn’t been able to find a backpack or any other container in the basement.

I was alerted to the presence of a group of horrors, including a decayed zombie and a Mi-Go. Not really sure what I ought to do, I decided to try and fight the former, hoping the latter would stay well away.

I ended up bashing the thing to death with a rock—not even a sharp one. I could have probably handled things better, but managed to escape more or less intact. I grabbed its sling pack and tried to head in the general direction of home.

Of course, the mi-go ran after me and pretty much did me in without a fight. I had only a vague idea of where the shelter was, and so was probably inefficient about the whole “fleeing in terror,” thing. Still, at least I got a container?

Lessons from this: make sure to have at least some idea where I’m going before I blunder off into the wilderness. Run away faster. I’m a bit unsure how I can work on the former right now. But this is progress, of a sort. :slight_smile:

world map should help with that. To get a good start I recommend running out and grabbing a rock, bashin up the shelter for metal and wood, then crafting a makeshift crowbar, enough makeshift pick-locks to get to level 1 fab, and two wooden frames, then building a cart with (*) the construction menu and then (E)xamining it and (I)nstalling a box so it can be a draggable container.

Press the M key for a bigger map. Or as a challenge you could draw one in real life if you want, but you might end up losing characters quickly, so that’s probably something to pick up much later on.

Well, drawing a map on my own would require Braillegraph paper of some sort, I imagine, and better access to the world map than I’m comfortable with at the moment. :slight_smile: It’s a nice idea though, in theory.

Perhaps too subtle. I wonder if he will pick up on it without reading your other thread…

memorize the layout of your world. Easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

The game tends to make cities somewhat centralized, so if you see a house, it is part of a town somewhere. This does not apply to all buildings, just the ones you would expect to show up in a town.