Absolute first few things for newbs to do

This is going to be very short. It is for the complete newb. So limiting what I am posting so not to confusing.

Anything enclosed in single quotes is a command. So 'g’et, means press ‘g’

FIRST STEPS: Get pointy stick and some rocks and then explore

  1. walk outside and 'g’et a rock.
  2. 'w’ield the rock
  3. walk back to shelter. Stand next to a bench. Press 's’mash and press the direction of a bench. Repeat until smashed.
  4. press ‘&’ and craft a pointy stick.
  5. 'w’ield the pointy stick
  6. 'g’et 3 more rocks. You can carry 1 pointy stick and 4 rocks without more clothing with pockets.
  7. 'g’et any fruit (strawberries, blueberries, and apples) and eat it them. Only eat the fruit. This gives you a little water. Don’t eat anything else or you will be too full to eat fruit. Getting water is the first priority and only eating fruit buys you time. Carry and fruit you can and can’t eat.
  8. 't’hrow rocks at rabbits. This trains throwing. Throwing rocks is your first range combat skill. There are unlimited rocks. Damage is not that high, but you can throw and retreat from most things. Throwing is good against fast things that jump back like Zombie Dogs and wolves, so you can damage them while moving away. You can do a fighting retreat from most things by just picking up more rocks. You can easily get throwing to 1-2 the first day.
  9. 'B’utcher all corpses. This trains survival. You will fail until level 2 most of the time and not get any food. doesn’t matter, you only want to eat fruit anyway and you will have survival at 2 in a day anyway. Take any meat you butcher back to your shelter to practice cooking. do NOT eat it. only eat fruit you need the little water it gives you.
  10. if you can’t carry more fruit and meat, 'd’rop it. mark the location on your map so you can come back for it.
  11. When survival reaches 2, you want to disable survival training for a while to save XP for other stuff. Press ‘@’, tab to skills and press down until you reach survival. Press ‘spacebar’ to disable training the skill.

Wander far and wide your first day and STAY THE HELL OUT OF TOWN. you are basically scouting and training throw,butcher.

Priority finds(clean water is #1 priority):

  1. corpses. #1 priority is bottled water. You can’t just drink water or you will throw it up. anything listed as ‘clean’ is safe to drink. DO NOT DROP EMPTY WATER BOTTLES. You need them to hold purified water. See in ‘train cooking’.
  2. priority #2 find: Jug of something. 'w’ield the jug, and 'u’nload the jug. Choose to spill on ground. You dont want the contents, you need the jug to fill up water.
  3. any clothing that gives pockets so you can carry more. If you need to engage in melee combat, 'T’ake off all EQ and drop everything to remove encumbrance. wearing anything really hurts dodge and you can’t afford it. Make sure to drop stuff so your are not overweight. you can watch encumbrance at ‘@’. anything over 1, hurts you early and lowers dodge.
  4. explosives or range weapons. These are to be used only if you are in trouble to keep from dying. you are low on ammunition and the noise attracts other stuff.

Train Cooking: cant just drink water from ground. need this to make clean water.

  1. take the corpses you butcher back to your shelter. Take wood from smashing benches (don’t use the 2x4s that is for crafting, use the other wood).
  2. drop 1 piece of wood OUTSIDE. move next to the wood (or you will burn your shelter down. press 'a’pply and select matces) and then the direction of the wood. cook the meat. your pointy stick also is used for cooking. Dont eat it. you need to train cooking to 2 and survival to 1 to make a stone pot. press &, when you have these skills go to ‘miscelaneous’ and see ingredients. you need this to purify water, you can leave your stone pot next to your regular cooking location
  3. do NOT eat the cooked meat. you need to keep room in your stomach for fruit to get the little bit of liquid you get from it. buys you time to get water.


  1. press ‘e’ and the direction of the water (standing next to it), inventory comes up, select your jug (which you unloaded) and filled. Do NOT drink the water. if it does not say ‘clean’ you will throw it up. it needs to be boiled.
  2. if you do not find standing water outside (you usually won’t), you need to go to town at Night. This is dangerous. Always select Night Vision with new characters. if not you are dead going to town.

HOW TO GO TO TOWN:(if you dont find standing water outside. If you find clean water and stuff to drink try to stay out of town the first day to train up combat skills more)

  1. go to outskirts of town. NEVER move into town. Only do this at night. harder for zombies to see you.
  2. smash windows in the ‘BACK’ of the house. Noise is not that important in the game right now, so don’t worry about making a crowbar to open the door. Safer to smash a window in the back so less likely there is a zombie. If there are zombies inside, wait outside. the zombies will come to you. they will be slowed down by the glass window. 't’hrow rocks at them to weaken and fight in melee while they are in the glass. drop anything that makes you encumbered. Should be able to take them 1 on 1.
  3. zombies gone or no zombies press ‘*’ for construction and go down to clean glass. if not you take damage walking on glass and damage your shoes.
  4. go into house. priority is a toilet so you can fill your water jug. Only go to town for water and GET OUT.
  5. might have to go to a few houses for this. if you see any ‘special zombies’ run away. Zombie Brutes and Zombie masters are a death sentence so get the hell away from them.
  6. priority finds in the house. while you are going for water, these items are important to grab if you have pockets: Clean water or anything to DRINK. Food doesn’t matter early since you can kill and butcher rabbits, string from breaking windows (2 string are spawned when you break a window, used to craft bows and many things), skill books (look at the books if it trains a skill grab it, if not dont) and guns, any clothing with pockets, drugs/medical items. nothing else matters.

To make clean water (1 jug of water should make 2-3 days worth of clean water. so you dont have to go back to town for a few days)

  1. stone pot
  2. jug of water
  3. empty water bottle
  4. fire

Stay in the woods and train skills


  1. throw rocks at rabbits
  2. fungal spawns are great for training. they are not hard and are slow. ONLY ENGAGE THESE IF YOU HAVE A FILTER MASK AND ARE WEARING IT. If not you are likely to swallow a spore and then you are dead. if you wear a filter mask you are protected. you can throw rocks to weaken, retreat and then finish off with melee 1 at a time to train melee and dodge. If you can do this, do it. you can get throw/melee/dodge to 5 in a couple of days.

1 .town
2. farms (lots of zombies). but generally not many special zombies, so you can throw rocks to train throwing and do a fighting retreat
3. mansions have alot of zombies, but again few special zombies so you can do a fighting retreat
4. fema camps,prison, anything with the word ‘military’ way too hard
5. bees/ants. large spawns and they poison.

Science Labs

  1. enter them with badges off of science corpses
  2. lots of loot
  3. layout in .8 changed. it is a cooler layout, but harder to find your way around. without z-levels the underground map is bad. so becareful about getting lost
  4. bring 2 flashlights and turn them on and off if you get lost
  5. .8 added some zombie scientists, but they are easy
  6. appear to be harder mobs locked in rooms so dont go trying to open these. i think you need computer skills
  7. if you open a door and see a turret. close door and stay away.
  8. did not go that far into the new layout so not sure if it gets harder, but lots of good loot and with a little care (mainly to stay away from turrets) relatively safe.


  1. only go to town for water, do it only at night, stay in outskirts, and get out
    2 .stay in woods first few days to get skills up
  2. number 1 priority is water. food is easy to get from butchering rabbits (survival trains quickly so dont worry if you destroy all corpses early).
  3. wander far and wide during the day to scout
  4. you suck early so run away from stuff and dont go rambo or your dead.
  5. rocks are critical early so you get some range combat.

there is no need to go to town for anything other than water.

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Wow. The title is “Absolute first few things”, but you forgot to state: Start up game.

But always remember to say WHY are they doing that, and WHY it is good to do it YOUR way…

Will probably butcher some things into my guide.

Proven that you dont mind, of course

take whatever you want.

@stopsignal: uh… was trying to keep this short. Why: so you dont try to go to town and go rambo and die 50 times then get frustrated and quit?

i just wander into town with a pipe and train melee in windows. after i get a backpace im pretty much solid. if i survive the first day or two i can usaually survive for infinite unless mega bullshit happens (FUCK YOU MINES)

Now I feel like I am missing something. Why do you need to turn off certain skill gains?

Absolutely first thing to do: Smash one of the lockers, grab a pipe, get outside, find a rock -> make a crowbar.

THEN, when armed, go into the cellar and check for useful things.

And now, you’re ready to smash zombies.

Increasing a skill spends some of your current Focus, which replenishes based on your morale.

You always want to 'B’utcher or 's’mash zombie corpses so they don’t resurrect, but early on you don’t want to spend Focus on increasing survival beyond a certain point because there are other more important skills to gain, such as throwing, melee, or dodge.

However, once you have your combat skills up to a decent level you have opportunity to obtain plenty of morale-boosting items, drugs, books, foods, or drinks, so it isn’t as important anymore.

exp gain and skill gain in this game is different than in other games. you get a pool of exp called ‘focus’ that goes up over time .you get more focused if you have a higher morale. your exp in your focus is spent when you train skills. in other skill based games you train skills based on how much you use them. this game forces you to make choices, since you only have so much focus (exp pool) at any time).

you can also "U"nload items by accessing your "i"nventory and selecting the item, then "U"nloading it from context. You save a tiny amount of time by not wielding it. likewise, you can preform actions specific to most items without wielding them in the same manner

@luissen: didnt realize they changed that. thanks!

to newbs: he means you dont have to wield the the jug as a weapon before unloading. you used to have to do that because Unload of a jug was treated the same as unloading a gun. it needed to be wielded for the unload to work.