My Cataclysm.exe keeps crashing

I have played the whales dev version of Cataclysm just perfectly. I just started playing darkest days ahead [glow=red,2,300](0.5 version)[/glow] and it either crashes randomly or black screens but when I’m having a good hour long run It says Cataclysm.exe stopped working

I’m playing on a Samsung I3 laptop with windows 7 is there any way i can fix this or wait for the next version.

I don’t know why your game crashed, IIRC .5 was fairly stable.

Solution: Download the nightly builds.

Despite what all the warnings are, the nightly builds are usually more stable. Really. AFAIK the bugs that are found in the official then they are fixed in the git version.

If it still crashes then you have technical difficulties. Also make sure you don’t use NPC’s, they are buggy. They could be the problem for ANY and EVERY bug if they are active.

The game will randomly crash while NPC’s are on.
If they are off… Then, no idea what the cause is. Also, a good reason to get the latest nightly builds… Crash Physics are slightly better (need to test this myself)

Thanks for the help, I am now playing the nightly builds with little to no problem only crashed once from it trying to process to much.

Also you’d better delete old save folder if you try a new version. I don’ t know if it always has problems, but many things may change between two updates.

Thanks I will be sure to do that when it updates.