My bionics aren't working

So I just installed some bionics that I found, Internal Furnace, for one, and after eating a bench I noticed that the POW indicator stayed as – rather than displaying a number or going up, and none of my other bionics work either (if I try to use an active one it just closes the bionics window.)

Is this a bug or do I have to wait a while for that bench to digest or something? I also tried it with Battery System and nommed 'bout 600 worth of batteries and the POW indicator was still –

Did you install an Internal Battery? None of your CBMs that require power will work without one.

Oh, wait. I thought Battery System would work.

Darn it, I’m an idiot. Anyway to delete this thread?

Having the thread stay up is no bad idea, others might have similar queries in the future.