Help refilling bionics

Hello! Just a quick question. Total newb question actually. I can’t seem to find a straightforward answer. Or rather, I just don’t seem to understand.

I am fairly new to the game, and have just come across my first few working bionics I obtained from butchering a Shocker Brute. I got an Internal UPS, Infrared Vision, and the third one was some sort of power supply. I forget exactly what it was called.

I installed the power source thing first, and I noticed it added a red 0 under my health. Then I installed the other two. All three were installed successfully. Now the only problem I am having is figuring out how to charge or refill my bionic power. When I press ‘p’, only the UPS and Infrared Vision are displayed.

I know there are different types of power supplies and they all refill different ways, but how can I tell which one I have, and how I go about refilling it?

Thanks in advance, cheers!

You need certain bionics that can build up or regen power, such as Joint Torsion, Solar Panels, and Internal Furnace, to name a few. I suppose you just have to find these in the world off other zombies.

You probably installed power storage. It can’t refill power by itself, it’s just the battery.

Ah, ok that’s what I was afraid of. Damn lol. Thanks for the help!

Find yourself some zombie technicians, they like to hang out near interchanges and transformer sites. They usually have either torsion ratchets or metabolic interchanges.

What TheWumpus said, zombie techs have a pretty decent chance of dropping a power producing bionic. Just make sure your weapon isn’t metallic when you confront them, or you’re in for a surprise.

Other good sources of bionics in general are shockers (dangerous) and zombie scientists (slightly less dangerous). If you aren’t at the level of raiding labs yet, a possible source of scientists is FEMA camps. Usually a couple spawn in the building.

Of course, if you’re lab diving then you also have cyborgs to get bionics from too. But if you’re lab diving then you’ll probably have better luck just looking for bionic storage rooms.

If you’re strong enough you can negate the weapon pulling that technicians do.