Bionics - Upper limit?


I focussed on slaughtering Shocker Zombies because I wanted the bionics. I installed all the bionics I could find. Then I discovered that after I installed an Aero-Evaporator, the next bionic I installed did not have a symbol (an alphabet) next to it. This meant that I could not activate it.

What should I do? Am I fucked when it comes to bionics?

Yup I think you’re screwed.

Yeah there’s a bug right now related to that. Hopefully we’ll get it fixed pretty soon, but with the kickstarter coming to an end it might be a little while for it.

I already made a thread on this, go back more than the first page sometime. You have to manually edit the character it assigns.

Also, this isn’t the bug subforum, use it, it is there for bugs.