Mutant Monster?

We always use mutagens, but are we really the only ones in the world that can use them?

No mad scientist? No wannabe-mutant? No falied mutant experiment? No really crazy psychopath?

We already have the broken cyborg and the infected survivor, but why not a mutated freak? The chaos? The survivor? The prototype?

Something that just like and Apex Predator, just want to eat you, something that mutate to a point that it can no longer think properly.

Or mutated B.O.Ws with a CBM installed in their brains to force them to fulfill their duty. Kill all remaining humans.

What about a monster for every mutation category?

Sounds like a great idea, and I’d suggest making a few different variations and evolutions for each mutation category. “Feral mutants”.

Maybe not the high level mutants (alpha/medical/elf-a/troglobite) as I don’t think many of them got made.

And threshold mutations in the player could reduce hostility of the same feral mutant faction.

Down the road when NPCs work better as hostile villains, some of them might be led by non feral hostile NPCs of the same type.

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What about making your OWN mutant monsters? I would love to commit mad science in a lab or something. Capture animals or NPCs and turn them into abominations to do your will!

I would love to be able to dig a moat, fill it with water, then breed a bunch of mutant fish, or better yet, alligator-fish hybrids to put in there.


You can already mutate your NPCs. Just make a few barrels of fish mutagen and lizard mutagen, and go to town.

Yes I know, but I’m a mad scientist with some ethical considerations and have read the evil-overlord list. Abusing your followers is a no-no. Alpha or Elf-A Serum is ok, but no turning friendly NPCs into monsters to be used as mindless moat-beasts. I’d do it to a bandit or something, but not a follower. Also, you can’t currently mutate wildlife into moat-beasts either.

What about a mutant threshold? If you consume A LOT of mutagen, you’ll become an amalgamation of every mutations in the game? A more balance-wise threshold.
Since chimera is an attack-wise threshold, we could also have a defense-wise amalgamate threshold focused on tanking and HIGH HP.

I have no idea what you’re talking about there

Isn’t there a mod that adds naturally mutated NPCs? Though a mutant reject in labs could be an interesting enemy.

Yes, there is, but I’m talking about real enemies, not the ones that let you take their pants off as soon as they meet you.


It’s the Cataclysm. People are horny. Don’t judge.


Like a threshold that is able to access all mutations, even those normally restricted to other thresholds.

So what would be the drawback of that universal threshold?

How about violent mood swings combined with big hits on intelligence (if certain urges are not fullfilled), general mental degradation (like halucinations) and maybe extreme hits to interactions with NPCs/outright hostile NPCs (ALL of em, maybe unless they are already your followers?)

What’s to stop you purifying away the detriments?

By the time you get this far in the mutation tree, you probably already have several followers if you want them. How does the NPC interaction thing harm you?

Personally I think it just erases one of the big fun elements of mutation, choosing a threshold. Giving players meaningful choices is important.

We already have Apis the mad bug mutant in beehives. Adding more mutants for each threshold would be pretty neat.

It could be unique, not necessarily a mix of mutations from other tresholds. Like our old friend Kevin.

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Just like chimera’s genetic chaos, metallasomaphile(?) or degeneration forces the player to constantly keep maintenance of their health and needs, the “Mutant” threshold could have it’s unique feats and drawbacks.

Thinking about it’s drawbacks is a little tricky. Slime and Chimera constantly need resources but Slime and Medical can conflict each other as they both have mutations affecting how pain affect your character in-game. As some mutations cancel each others out and some may stack, we need a few original ideas before jumping into conclusions.

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I don’t know man, desperate times call for desperate measures. But I agree I would love to mutate creatures as well.