What's the point of survivor backpacks?

And I’m referring to survivor rucksack/duffel/etc with this question. The main difference I can identify is that they’re sturdy, have slightly lower encumbrance, but also have a lot less storage volume compared to common hiking backpacks and the like. Is that the primary advantage? They’re still way too encumbering to wear in combat (with the exception of the survivor runner pack with its measly 20L capacity), but if you’re in the habit of dropping your backpack before combat then why does it matter if they’re sturdy?

That strikes me as a wishy-washy trade-off because they require a lot of skill, time, and resources to make. Why should a player make one? I can see them becoming a more attractive option if the encumbrance was decreased or the volume was increased, or if they had more pockets for large items (this is a big advantage for the hiking backpack and the like).


Why would your hardened badass of a survivor that wears self made tire armour use a nOrMAL (yuck) backpack? When he could use a sick custommade SURVIVOR backpack? It´s study, cobbled tog- handmade by yourself as all your gear should be and most importantly it completes the SURVIVIOR look you just need in the apocalypse.

Just becease civilazation ended didn´t meant that fashion died.

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A change that would make survivor packs very competitive would be if you could drop them much faster. That would make the endeavor worthwhile.

Fast breakdown is a common enough trait in flak jackets and gear that needs to be removed completely and immediately for emergency medical treatment.

You could incorporate this, but for realism’s sake the item would need to be put back together in a way that may take longer than just putting it back on for it to be wearable again.

I think fast clips could get to nearly the same place, but I’m pretty certain these are also incorporated in most hiking backpacks, so this needn’t be just survivor kit.

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I’ve never bothered with the survivor backpack in any form for one reason, even if item spawn rates for everything in the game gear wise is set to say 0.1 you’ll still find more normal backpacks/duffel bags/MOLLE backpacks (all kinds) ect. than you’ll know what to do with…My current base has 10 normal backpacks, 12 duffel bags and 8 MOLLE assault backpacks with a metric crap ton of webbing bit to go on them just sitting in a corner collecting dust and this is with a world that has an item spawn rate of 0.5 because even at 1.0 there’s just too much gear/food about.

I mean hell the first house i looted for gear when i started that current run 3 months ago had 3 backpacks and 5 baseball bats! And this is the same world each time but reset each death so all loot is different each time.