Musically Cataclysmic: What do you listen to when playing Cataclysm?

I listen to Knife Party whil playing Cataclysm, makes me happy.

Been listening to this for a while now.

Totes not porn or anything.

Danzig, Danzig, Danzig, Danzig, Danzig.

Black Angel White Angel pretty much fits the game itself perfectly, look up its lyrics, they fit exactly!

Why, the same thing I listen to every night. Power metal and old videogame music.

also The Touch! (You’re a winner!)

It varies wildly; I listen to so much music for so many hours a day. A lot of this music isn’t very “cataclysmic,” though. What is…?

Heroin And Your Veins - either the album “Regret” or “The First Pain.” The band isn’t very well-known, but their music suits the dreary, desolate wasteland almost as well as GYBE. It’s a very nice blend of dark, gloomy post-rock.
Bohren and Der Club of Gore. The ambient jazz sounds like it’s from a noir detective film, but it’s at home in a game as lonely and as harsh as Cataclysm.

Im listening to killing floor soundtrack :smiley:

These days, I just listen to a combination of the Ace Combat 5 soundtrack, electronica, and when in the middle dungeon diving, or clearing out an infested town, ORRR what I’d do assuming I EVER FIND A GODDAMN JABBERWOCKY, I’d switch it to anything that sounds like the track Hell March from red alert.