Musically Cataclysmic: What do you listen to when playing Cataclysm?

Well besides the regular techno I listen too.

I also listen to Kenny Loggins- Danger Zone , when I know “the zone will be one of danger”.

Here’s an admittedly very camp music video about the apocalypse.

Mostly listening to Crysis 3 soundtrack right now. Sounds fairly cataclysmic in a lot of the pieces, actually.

is it wrong i listen to music that in no way connects to the game?

I just listen to a mixture of Danzig, the Hotline Miami soundtrack, and a mixture of punk rock in there somehow.

Now that i think of it, the Hotline Miami soundtrack fits waaaaaay too well

This is what I listen to, it gives a sombre eerie feeling when played with the curses version.

This site also have quite great ambient music beside this one.

A few of my personal favorites that I’ve copypasted from a previous music discussion thread:

Unter Null - Destroy Me

Funker Vogt - Arising Hero (Faderhead Remix ~ Burnt Extended)

Nachtmahr - Mädchen in Uniform (Faderhead remix)

Dismantled - Insecthead

Eisenfunk - Pentafunk

Prepared myself to clean out a town, grabbed a machete and a heavily modified uzi.
Drowning Pool-Let The Bodies Hit The Floor
Having so much fun.

I typically listen to podcasts or Let’s Plays because I like having background voices rather than music when it comes to sandbox games that don’t have a lot of spoken dialogue. (Welcome To Night Vale would be a rather amusing accompanying podcast to a game like Cataclysm, I will say).

However when I do listen to music when playing this game, it’s generally either Mogwai or Godspeed You! Black Emperor (or other bands that have a similar sound!) For some tasters:

Mogwai - We’re No Here
Mogwai - I Know You Are But What Am I?
Mogwai - Travel Is Dangerous
GY!BE - The Sad Mafioso (Part of “East Hastings”, probably well known for the “abandoned London” scene in 28 Days Later)

Anything that’s playing on my Pandora radio stations ( Which is to say, Hard rock-electronica/ Two Steps From Hell, etc etc)

Hey! We already had a thread like that!
Whatever, I just quote myself from this post:

[quote=“Wuzzy, post:25, topic:704”]I give you a list of tracks that are somehow related.
I listen to:

tracks without lyrics
gopher:// — n-to-infty (Gopher URL):

[ul][li]gopher:// — Arbeitstag (Gopher URL) (Very dark atmosphere and somehow industrial, too (hence the name “Arbeitstag” (=German word for “work day”)))[/li][/ul]

The other tracks are nice, too but they clearly don’t fit into the “dark”/“horror” theme. And they aren’t ambient at all.

Shawn Parkle:

[ul][li]Horror and Suspense: atmospheric tracks that serve well as a background ambience, but they are brighter (“less dark”) than “Arbeitstag”[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]Butcher Knife Syndrome: crazy chiptune madness. You have been warned! [/li][/ul]

tracks with English Lyrics
Viton & Stel:


Techno. This is the only track I know from them. On the Internet there are probably lots of copies of it. I bet you’ll find it yourself.

Professor Shyguy:

[ul][li]Zombies > Vampires: This track is not atmospheric at all, I added it just for fun. As the title suggest, this track explains why zombies are greater than vampires ;-)[/li][/ul]

tracks with German Lyrics
Das Schwarze System

[ul][li]Blinder Passagier[/li]
[li]Deine Seele[/li][/ul]

This is electro. And dark.


[ul][li]Gesenkte Augen//Geschlossenes Haupt[/li][/ul]

Metal. all:my:faults have some lyrics in English, too. So check out their Jamendo page.

This list is non-exhaustive. :wink:
I just listed the most notable tracks. Especially I omitted a lot of tracks of several artists. So if you liked one track, you probably like the other tracks of the same artist, too.

Note: To access “gopher://” URLs, you need a software that knows the Gopher protocol. Gopher is something like the WWW, but much, much older. The main difference is probably that Gopher allows to sort the files in a hierachy, unlike in the WWW, where the website navigation/file hierarchy has to be part of the webpage itself. More infos on Gopher: Wikipedia on Gopher (protocol). If you use Firefox, I recommend OverbiteFF <[iurl=][/iurl]>, an extension that adds Gopher support to Firefox. The track “Arbeitstag” by “n-to-infty” is only accessible via Gopher AFAIK.


I have a few pandora stations I use…but this song just came on my current one and I felt it fit extremely well. Pendulum - The Other Side

I’ve been listening to Lordvessel by Tanooki Suit.

[quote=“Protester, post:24, topic:3641”]is it wrong i listen to music that in no way connects to the game?

I just listen to a mixture of Danzig, the Hotline Miami soundtrack, and a mixture of punk rock in there somehow.

Now that i think of it, the Hotline Miami soundtrack fits waaaaaay too well[/quote]

Yeah, I can definitely vouch for the HM soundtrack. Smoke some meth, go charging into a pack of zombies with a flammenschwert and hack your way to victory to the thumping beats of the 80s.

I also enjoy listening to Megadeth, Pendulum and the idyllic sound of The Decemberists when doing day to day business in Cataclysm.
Other times I listen to Ayreon, either the heavy metal stuff when driving or dungeon diving, or the atmospheric stuff when exploring.


Zombies Ate My Neighbours - Schoolboy

Or at least that’s what I’m listening to at the moment. XD

Rise from your grave, thread.

It’s a fine day to be surviving the end of civilization.

I’ve been digging through my musical archives lately, so tonight I was listening to switched on bach by wendy carlos circa 1968. , very cool if you’re into old electronic music or classical or both.

Haha, I listen to what is playing on my computer at the moment.
That ranges from Cat Stevens, Ozzy Osbourne, Pearl Jam, and goes to Mettallica, Guns N Roses, to Bon Jovi, Eagles…
Yeah, just any kinda music, most not related to the game, because I play Cataclysm, mostly to relax with the music.

lately i listen to the Matrix soundtrack. nice mix of songs and quite fitting.

Anything by this band usually fits perfectly. Especially this song.