Spam *The food*

I think there should be an option at the end of char creation that gives you the option of whether your character likes Spam or not. I love spam IRL.

Spam Lover-Cost: 1
You love Spam! Spam, lovely Spam, wonderful Spam! You now enjoy Spam.

Yeah, I’m totally ok With this. +1

I can’t do SPAM straight from the can, but slice it thin and fry it and I love the stuff.

Perhaps we could have a recipe for fried SPAM that makes it more palatable to the average character.

Smells like a job for the morale rework. Haven’t tried fried SPAM in a while–was rather salty, last I checked.

When the planned preferences system eventually goes in this will probably be one of the (many) options you can change.

I was kinda mad when I found out my player didn’t like corn. Corn is freakin delicious, even out of a can.

And I ate the pulp whilst juicing a Lemon for hummus. Morale went up. I must be glitched. :wink:

Fried SPAM tastes like bacon, and lemons are delicious.

It made me sadface the first time I ate a lemon in-game and it reduced my morale.

Negative morale from lemons is the original reason for the planned likes/dislikes system.

“We dine while here in Camelot, we eat ham and jam and SPAMALOT!!” xD Am I the only one who thought of this? In all seriousness though, I like this idea.

How I imagine it in my head:

“Morale loss from lemons?! THIS. WILL. NOT. STAND.”

How I imagine it in my head:

“Morale loss from lemons?! THIS. WILL. NOT. STAND.”[/quote]

That’s exactly how it happened.

Put this in recipes.json


        "result": "friedspam",
        "category": "CC_FOOD",
        "skill_pri": "cooking",
        "difficulty": 0,
        "time": 5000,
        "reversible": false,
        "autolearn": true,
        "tools": [
                         ["hotplate", 7],
                         ["toolset", 1],
                         ["fire", -1]
                         ["pan", -1],
                         ["pot", -1],
                         ["rock_pot", -1],
                         ["spear_wood", -1],
                         ["pointy_stick", -1],
                         ["skewer", -1],
                         ["javelin", -1]
        "components": [
                              ["can_spam", 1]


And this in comestibles.json

{ "type" : "COMESTIBLE", "id" : "friedspam", "name" : "Fried SPAM", "weight" : 2, "color" : "cyan", "addiction_type" : "none", "spoils_in" : 0, "use_action" : "NONE", "stim" : 0, "container" : "null", "to_hit" : 0, "comestible_type" : "FOOD", "symbol" : "%", "quench" : -3, "heal" : 0, "addiction_potential" : 0, "nutrition" : 48, "description" : "Fried up, this stuff ain't so bad...", "price" : 50, "material" : "flesh", "tool" : "null", "volume" : 1, "cutting" : 0, "phase" : "solid", "charges" : 1, "rarity" : 30, "bashing" : 0, "flags" : ["EATEN_HOT"], "fun" : 8 },

Fried spam is pretty easy to code in at the moment.