Spam is = Yum! +50 moral!

EXCUSE ME?!?! I love spam! It is amazing! It is not an uncommon like either. I like it cold, I like it hot, I like it with beans too. Spam is tasty, why would I not like it? I’m not a vegan or anything like that! Spam is worth at least 20 enjoyability in my opinion. This needs to change ASAP! If I knew how to make mods I make one simply to make Spam increase moral by 20 or something like that. Is this biased or something? (And I’m not just being biased since many people like spam. Hawaiians eat a bunch of it, I know that)
REAL Trivia Fact: Consumers in the US eat 3 cans per minute. They don’t eat it for no reason! (Of course this does not show how many people eat it, but it must be a lot for 3 a minute!)
Have the creators of CDDA simply never had good quality spam? Get Spam brand spam if nothing else; Make sure you aren’t just trying really low quality crappy luncheon meats. Do you not understand taste? When I found a can of spam, I ate it immediately expecting that I’d get a good mood buff, but SUPPOSEDLY it is gross. Why? Just why?

To sum it up: Spam is considered tasty by a very large amount of the people in the world; it should not give a moral debuff, but a bonus to moral instead; Making Spam ‘not tasty’ in the game seems rather biased; I, knowing that an Incredibly large amount of people LIKE spam, am NOT being biased (However that misconception would be understood despite not being true)

I agree, Spam is pretty rad. A character likes / dislikes mod would be cool.

 Ya, like/dislikes would also be acceptable. Perhaps there could be a mod or just a new gameplay mechanic that somewhat randomizes a characters food likes that could be slightly altered by intolerances and the likes. If a person has trouble downing dairy I imagine they wouldn't like it that much, similar with other things. Also, maybe a new trait making you intolerant to nuts, it would suck but would make sense

Well, in that case, how do you build your character?
Do we have a list of all kinds of food from the game and check/uncheck those you like/dislike?

 Well, depends on how you'd go about it leebash. If it is simply set to be randomish you don't need to worry about it. I imagine that there might be some sort of list or something, probably with a search bar just so you can do those little bits. But for some balance other foods will need to change too, you can't simply make everything taste heavenly, that wouldn't make any sense. When random it would probably also have some sort of balancing effect so that there isn't that chance that most foods you find all taste gross to you; No matter what there would be some good items if you get what I mean

Try cooking it first?

It’s in the crafting menu.