Multiple monster types in pack behavior?

Is there a way to assign different monster types of the same faction to spawn in a pack?

The best I can think of is either doing it via C++ or by using a spawn list and the repeat function.

Although! If you have a master monster who is equipped with all the bot_[monster]s you want to spawn you can do it like that. Make 1 monster per ‘grouping’ you want and spawn them.

Didn’t wolves spawn in packs though? There must be a way to replicate it.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing, but they won’t spawn them until they get attacked and then they wander off unfortunately.

Wolves are one type of monster though? I mean, they are the same faction, but I was assuming you meant seeing a tough zombie with a grabber zombie.

pedit: The ‘swarm’ tag is supposed to keep them together, but I dont think it works so well for that.

Sorry, somehow I read over the "multiple monster types"
I shouldn’t post when tired!

I believe wolves are an “area special” and an unique form of scripted hardcoding.

They are not. Or rather you can get any animal with the large amount of triggers like wolves to act like wolves.

They are mammals and inherit mammalian fears and angers. They have a specific set of personal fears and angers. any creature with those fears and angers will act like them.