So I’ve noticed hordes have changed, so could someone explain how they work now?

I second that request.

Afaict, they seem improved, but maybe too easy now. Still early in my game though.

still a work in progress, the main changes are they are now broken up into map-tile sized groups instead of city sized ones, and once they spawn they are persistent, meaning if they leave the map and then re-enter it, it’s the same monster instead of a new one.

I need to sort out how to get all kinds of monster groups updating all the time, then all of the monsters will just move around on their own on the overmap, this includes:
agressive monsters being attracted by signs of life
monsters preferring certain areas over others, so zombies will regroup back in towns given enough time, fungaloids will gather around spires, woodland creatures will hide in the woods, etc.
non-agressive creatures running from things like fire or loud noises, and possibly avoiding areas with people or monsters.

Sweet! Can hardly wait to see all the bugs ironed out!

that would be good. too many animals getting into my area and covering my screen in a clusterfuck of red % and various colored letters.