Multiple Character Mod

Since multiple characters an inhabit the same world, Would it be possible to create a mod to where you could have them in the same world at the same time. Then add a function to swap between characters without having to load them through the main menu. Also there could be an option to have the unselected character use the some basic NPC ai or you can control the directly?

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… Battle maid squad… + Futanari master :3

Really hope it can be done.

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This could be realized by using LUA. (but current LUA API is not perfect to serialize/deserialize player data.)

What’s LUA… I’m new to this :blush:

There was some discussion about swapping control from a PC to an NPC a long ways back. It’s probably doable, but someone needs to write the code to dump a PC’s data out into NPC format and vice versa. Once that’s done, you just need some UI stuff to make it happen. Oh here, this was the thread:

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There was a server running that let multiple players write to the map space at the same time. Stuff you drop could disappear but you could wander into areas built my other players.

I assume running multiple characters on the same world file could changes things on the same map.

Need option with the player faction camp to start saving NPCs as new character files and let the player switch to one if they die.

So if I create 2 characters in the same world. Theoretically they should be able to be in the world simultaneously since they are both tied to that world. At the very least, a function that would allow me to switch characters (not in the world at the same time but created in the same world) would be nice

I run 20~ survivor on the same world as there is literally that much shit to do and I wanted to explore every mutation tree in a quasi-legit way. just do not have one survivor too far ahead. My once-main scout (acid proof now but stuck with really beautiful butterfly wings) is 90 days ahead of everyone else and has made hundreds of pounds of food rotten as the time snaps back and forth

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