Multi tile monsters

Now now, hear me out.

We already have a system in place for doing diagonal, vertical, and horizontal objects - the vehicle system. It can translate a specific template for various directions and IMO does an excellent job of it. Why not steal this and make a similar system for creatures?

You could even go so far as to have differing tiles have different stats - one tile for example might be crucial to the creature being alive while others are superfluous- something like those creepy purple eyeball creatures or whatever they are that keep growing back, while only the center is vulnerable. Or something like the underground worms – only the head can actually die, while you could make a multi-tile body. Not only would it make many creatures a lot more interesting, it would give a much higher amount of combat depth and give obvious uses in flanking and rear attacks.

In addition, why not make the player able to grow to multi-tile size with the Huge line?

Creatures that could use being multi-tile:

Bears (2x2)
Moose (1x2)
Graboid/worm (1x5)
Triffid Queen (2x2)
Giant Frog (2x2)
Shoggoth (2x2)
Tripod (2x2)
Chickenbot (3x3)
Tankbot (4x4)
Fat Zombie (2x2)
Zombie Brute/Shocker brute (2x2)
Zombie Hulk (3x3)

I don’t know…sounds very cumbersome.

Plus if something like this actually comes around then fat zombies should just be one tile.

Sounds really hard to implement and even harder to represent correctly.

Support this, and yeah, Bears and Brutes should be 1x1. Hulks can be 2x2, and Big Bears could be 2x1.

Near impossible to code. If you want it, code it yourself.

The problem isn’t necessarily the drawing of multitile monsters but the pathfinding. A 2x2 vs 1x1 isn’t quite 4 times the work, but it should give you an idea of why it’s a problem.