Ridiculous concept idea, you should prolly just ignore me rn lmao. For serious this idea is defunct. creative juices only, no real concept here

So uh. What if we shrank down the tiles… so that the smallest tile would be the size of a rat since that’s the smallest ‘enemy’ I can think of in game besides fish.

Ridiculous! Stupid! I know! But speculation and random ideas like this help people get their creative juices flowing. Still here? Okay, I’ll go into detail with what I mean.

Average sized people would be like a 2v2 or 3v3(could have to do with your height so big players would be bigger but also get bonuses to stats because of the increased size maybe? doesn’t make much sense to me either but this is me lol). Large monsters like Hulks would be 4x4 or 5x5. Mutated players with stuff like ursine line would be exceptionally large like the Hulks

We’re not writing the pathfinding code for multitile creatures. It’s super complex and the one implementation we have (vehicle auto-drive) is really flakey.

Aside from a title that will cause this topic to never to be found anymore by anyone trying to search for it in a few weeks if someone wants to add to your idea or actually work on it, because there’s nothing in the title that would relate to the idea itself… Why?

What would be the gain of doing this?

Well, the title says it all doesn’t it?

Sadly; no. That’s why I’m asking.

A tile is already as small as a rat and as big as a hulk. That’s the tile nature.

What if enemies could converge and stack on a tile? 10 small enemies per tile or 5 medium or 2 large or only 1 huge, so we can get killed much faster hehe.

great that sounds like a terrible lder but really “FUN”

#losing is fun