Moving onto this window frame is slow

When having Parkour Expert, moving through an open window is at regular speed, but moving through a window frame is slow, which is absurd.

They should both be either slow or not slow.

Window frame is supposed to be window with shards of broken glass, and this should slow down movement. However, moving through empty window (which is essentially window frame without shards of glass) indeed shouldn’t be slower than moving through open window.

Afaik, window frame is without shards.

Windows frame, as I said, do contain shards.

I addressed your issue (

Do we actually want empty windows to cost 200 moves to clear? This is a massive balance change that shouldn’t just slide by without discussion, since using windowframes to delay zombies is an extremely common tactic.

Empty windows are very common and open windows are rare, so if the goal is purely to make the move costs the same then the preexisting “empty window” cost should be used.

Window frame still slow down zombies, just not that much.
400 move cost is for heavy to pass terrain like bushes, shallow pits, deep water. I wouldn’t say that empty window is that kind of terrain. Though I’m open to discussion.

When we say “Window Frame” are we talking with the window entirely removed or the window shattered?

The window entirely removed. The yellow O

Simple “Window Frame” is a window frame with shards of broken glass embedded.
Empty Window” is a window frame with the window entirely removed.

I do not know the name of the construction itself, but when moving through a cleaned window frame, which is an yellow “O”, it gives the message in the subject.