Is there a way to build a bridge/floor?

Currently, my raiding possibilities are slightly impeded by the fact that the world generated two bridges that meet in the middle, but haven’t connected. I would like to connect those two bridges (which are about 4 tiles apart) … but I can’t see in the construction menu any possibility of building floors. I can kinda understand why that would be from the coding perspective, but it seems like a bit of a surprising omission.

In other news, I have the boat mod, but presumably I need to find a book before I can start crafting boats?

Rivers are handy, and I love them, but sometimes they get in the way…

Or you could swim across it. Bridges aren’t higher than anything else, allowing you to swim across the gap.

Wouldn’t I need an astronomical swimming skill to swim those tiles with all my equipment? And since it is separated by deep water, presumably if I sink like a rock, then I will not be able to climb up to the bridge, right?

I tried swimming with just cargo pants (or a backpack, one or the other), but even with swimming skill 2, I always sunk like a rock.

You can climb back on the bridge. The bridge ain’t higher than the ground, at least not yet. And the character can hold his breath for a long time.

rivers are not big danger you just lose your vision only cars need bridge to cross river

Can’t you also build a car big enough to cross the gap? A note in game suggested that it might be possible. Although I’d becareful about trying something as crazy risky as that.

I’ve got it.

Build a frame, then add a bunch of frames until you can walk over the frames to cross the bridge.

@Tawarochir: That … actually sounds like a good, immersive, idea. I will do that.