Moving character to a new world, including the base

Many years ago someone came up with a way to transfer the character to a new world. I just did it again. I deleted 1. everything in the “maps” folder 2. everything in the “.mm1” folder 3. and all the files with the 3 digits name like “o.-1.-1”. Then I started the game and my char was then in a new world.

It works. I have my entire inventory and equipments, as well as all the missions. The time is correct, too. I’d like to go further and transfer the whole chunk of map that contains my base, my followers, and my vehicles.

To do this, we should only need to operate on 1. the “maps” folder 2. the “.mm1” folder 3. some of the 3-digit-named files. The “o.-1.-1” files are straightforward. They are simply the coords on in-game world map. I find the one where my base should be in, and delete all the others. It works well. When I open the game again, the 180x180 grid overmap part where my base is in, is unchanged, while the rest of the world is unexplored.

However, as I go into the unexplored area, there are patches of land or buildings from the old world, and the world map is inconsistent with the local terrain. This means, that we also need to delete something from the “maps” folder and the “.mm1” folder. The problem is that the files in those folders seem to have coords, but they don’t correspond to the in-game world map coords. My question is, how do I find the part of the map I want to keep, in the “maps” folder and in the “.mm1” folder?

You’re not really transferring your character to a new world, but rather wiping out some knowledge of the existing world, allowing the removed bits to be generated again.

The reason you still get “old” stuff regenerated is because there’s overmap information stored somewhere, so while you delete overmap tiles, you’re not wiping the overall overmap information.

Also, you’d have to go into the save files to wipe quest and relation information, or you’d probably get inconsistent states with “new” factions as you’ve still got old info about your relations to those factions hanging around.

I can’t tell you where to look for the above because I don’t know where it’s located, only roughly what should be there.