Can i move overmap titles from one game to another?

I’m finishing up building a base in my current game, obviously I spend most of my time in my death machine but it’s nice to have a place that I come back too, unfortunately, even with hordes, I rarely get any action, with is a shame cause its surrounded by spiked pits and has dozens traps scattered in the woods around it, one thing I wanna do is make a new map with huge cites (10+), put on fast zombies and zombie night vision and turn up the difficulty level to two or three and then put my base in the middle of a huge city and have either a last stand type deal or survive and build my base up even more. Would that be possible? And if i can could I more my basement with me? And can I more my charter too?

There’s a character/vehicle transfer utility around here somewhere, but the rest you’ll have to remake.

you want to transfer your base and character to other world?
get few frames and start construction of vehicle it only need one frame and give it special name like basebeacon, do it on every map tile of yourbase
create new world
copy master.gsav to keep factions (lack of it will break the game!) to new world
copy artifact.gsav if you have artifacts and you want to keep them to new world
(optional)copy worldoptions.json to new world
(optional)(recomended)copy mods.json to new world
use notepad++ to search for basebeacon(or whatever name you use) in files
copy files where words were found to new world numbers of catalog in what .map file was must be the same (like from -2.3.-4 to -2.3.-4 folder in -2.3.-4 folder of new world)
copy your character files

Back up your world before you do that though.

Dont savegame edit without being sure you can restore you character