Moving A Character Between Worlds?

The laptop that I play Cata on isn’t particularly powerful, and the more area that I explore with any character causes the load times, save times, and in general the speed of the game (such as walking long distances, driving, and opening the map/looking around the map screen) to become very long and slow.

I was wondering if it would be possible to move a survivor into a freshly generated world (perhaps with different mods: I just downloaded and imported the new Add Bandits mod and I really want to play it with my current character) and retain all of their skills, traits, worn items, and inventory?

I haven’t heard anything about this on the forums, I haven’t tried this before and I don’t know how I would do it.
I’m playing an experimental from before the addition of magazines (about a month or so old).

If anyone has any tips, comments, or answers, I would very much appreciate hearing them.

I recall something about grabbing the character, and sometimes even the vehichle save and moving it to a new world so I know its possible, just not sure on EXACT specifics.

the wiki has some clues on how to do that, bear in mind that it can cause bugs(my first try caused cata to refuse to run AT ALL until i deleted the save and did it again) and you have no control over where you spawn(mostly forests/open fields but you never know…)

Awesome. If anyone has any more tips or any experiences trying this, I would really like to hear about it.

It is also possible to bring a vehicle with you, but it requires noting the area location somehow and then copying the vehicle with it.
The easiest way is to carve a “password” on an item, store the item in the vehicle, then find the file which contains the “password”. You can then copy the file to the new world, but you need to preserve the directory structure.

But then, the primary causes of lag are often related to items in the area, especially on the vehicle.