Morphine needs to be fixed

Morphine as it is currently presented in game does not accuratly reflect real life. It used to function just fine a little while ago but currently there are some isseus with it:

  1. Given that the morphine in game is directly injected into your bloodstream a consumption time of 5 minutes is just plain absurt. Even if it was taken in tablet form it should take around 20 second or a minute tops to shoot yourself up not 5 minutes.

  2. What also bugs me is the fact that it takes 25 minutes to get the full painkiller effect, this should be much quicker given that you inject it directly into the blood stream. If anything you should feel some effect in just a few minutes and have piek effect in under 10 minutes.

Well I think it depends on what they are going for. If they are going for gameplay, then yes I would agree with you. If going for realism, then no. As a recovering morphine/heroin addict (8 years clean) I can tell you that morphine taken in tablet form will take about 15-20 minutes to begin feeling the effects. Peak effect in about an hour. Morphine and heroin when injected, you usually wont begin to feel the effects for several minutes (usually anywhere from 2-5 minutes), the peak arriving in around 20 minutes or so. Many things can affect this, such as how much you have eaten recently, how much sleep you have gotten recently, how long since your last dose, ect. But in general, from my unfortunately vast experience in this area lol, from a realistic standpoint those times are about normal. Its usually not like in the movies where you see someone inject it and they begin to nod out AS they inject it. In real life it takes time to work.


Generally speaking, CDDA goes for realism. The medical system is very much in that realism field, and continually looking to improve. I think the only major gameplay concession in that area that is intentional, as opposed to simply not yet being implemented, is healing speed. Even then, that was nerfed down from “sleep away bullet wounds” to “spend a week properly bandaging bullet wounds and you’ll be fine”.

Been a while since I played, but painkillers always felt fine to me. Morphine was great for keeping the pain down after a major fight, but its delayed onset ment you couldn’t just duck around a corner and shoot up to remove the pain debuffs in the middle of a fight.

Were you banging it into your muscles, rather than your veins? According to these guys
and according to my junkie dad, heroin injected intravenously is one of the quickest-acting drugs there is. Of course, there’s a solid argument to be made that finding a vein in a stressful situation would be next-to-impossible unless you had marked it off beforehand with tape or something. Even in calm situations many people still need to restrict their circulation in order to get one to stand out.

No I began by sniffing it, and then later on I began shooting it into my veins. I did know some people that didnt know how to shoot up properly and would muscle shot it. Now muscle shotting it, yea that DEFINITELY took a bit to work lol. Honestly, I was kinda thinking a few days ago when I ran into heroin in game and it wouldnt let me use it because I had no syringe. And Im thinking damn heroin comes in a powder. You gotta mix it with water to shoot it. I should be able to sniff this in game and maybe have it not work as well as shooting it lol. EDIT:I cant believe Im playing a game where the realism is so high, that my former life as a junkie is somehow useful LOL

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If there is such a difference in the time that it takes effect between whether you shoot it in het vein or muscle, should there be a difference on how quickly the effects of a injected drug set in based on a threshold in first aid skill (determines whether you are able to do vein shots or not).


Y’all know that morphine time to effect is incredibly well studied and documented eh?


Well, hell, there’s an idea for some json experience. Write recipes for conversion of powder heroin to injectable heroin (or vice-versa, since the baseline right now is injectable), like how there’s a recipe to turn powder cocaine into smokable crack.

Yes I do know. I have personally studied this subject until the wheels came off. For the last several years I have been studying the effects of Methadone time to effect. All in order to make CDDA as realistic as possible of course. I have made this sacrifice all to make this game that much better for you all, my friends!