[e5d18db] Painkillers don't appear to do anything

So I just say down at 618 pain after a rather unfortunate run-in with a handful of tazer-bots with a syringe and 80 doses of Morphine.

80 Doses of Morphine later I’m completely fine dead or alive wise, but my pain hasn’t gotten any lower.

EDIT: Joints and Medical Ampules seem to work for pain removal.

Further info: pkill via the Sensory Dulling was perfectly efficient and conveyed no speed or other penalties–it didn’t even show up on the @ screen. Probably a bug in the effect-conversion.


problem occur again on 2481, whatever medical drugs we use (poppy / codeine / morphine …)
Could you fix this? These problem hurt a great part of mechanics play, it’s really crippling.

Thanks a lot

I forgot “please”, i m really sorry cause i try desesperatly to teach this word to my nieces.
What a fucking uncle … :wink:

So all my apologize.