Eternal Meth Comedown

So, in the game, my character used the ol’ jug o’ meth. Well, it instantly went to comedown, and my character has been at about 60 or so default speed. Now, I did cheat to get my strength and agility up, but cocaine and adderall works fine. Bizaare glitch. Please advise on how to fix such a thing. Thanks.

Anyone got any knowledge of why this has happened? I can’t get my character back up to normal speed and it’s been a couple weeks ingame. Pretty weird.

Well, if you took meth in real, and stopped taking it you probably would be really zombified (figuratively speaking) and probably really slow. Since youd have the shakes and everything else from withdrawal

Well, it ain’t a withdrawal issue. It happened as soon as the character took it, and has continued for a while. Taking more meth does not help it. Adderall and cocaine still work. I just do not know why it is doing this.

I have no idea then. Try wish for some royal jelly and eat it. See if that works

Did not work. It’s the strength, I think. I just booted up a survival mode and set my strength to a high number, and voila, meth no longer works. It leaves a perma comedown. But why?

What value is your strength set to?

  1. But what does meth do in regards to one’s speed that cocaine and adderall don’t? Seems to be a percentage thing, I guess. Pretty weird.

When you take meth, it uses an equation based on your strength to determine the length of the high it gives you. Looks as though if your strength is high enough, you skip straight to meth comedown as soon as you take it, and then the game doesn’t have an opportunity to switch from high to comedown, leaving you permanently affected. I don’t know how to fix it though, I couldn’t figure out where status effects were stored in the save files at a glance.

Is it inverse to one’s strength? Like, if I had one strength, would meth last forever?

Yes, it’s inverse. The stronger you are the shorter a high you enjoy before you get the comedown. But it wouldn’t last forever with 1 strength, no.

To give you a more detailed answer as to why it’s only affecting meth: Adderall and cocaine grant their benefits by giving you a stimulant effect. This is straightforward. Meth does this as well, but also has its own set of more complex effects that are separate - first high on meth, then meth comedown. The idea is that it gives you a drastic short term effect, and then a long term penalty. The equation that it uses just doesn’t account for strength values as high as you’ve set yours.

It’d be less problematic if it were just a flat stimulant effect like cocaine or adderall. I don’t really understand why it is like it is now. Needlessly complex.

Because it’s meant to simulate an extremely rough comedown once the drug begins to wear off, which cocaine and Adderall don’t do. Arguably the strength component is unneeded, but on the other hand no one would ever legitimately have enough strength to break the effect.

Couldn’t the comedown be scripted somehow else? Nobody is using perception in that high a value. But being able to carry a ton of stuff is really useful for building cars.

Post your save for me and give me a few minutes.