How much painkillers/time do you need for bionics?

So basically, I want a list of how much painkillers you need and how much time you need to waste. So for example, you need X amount of aspirin and need to wait for X amount of time. You need X amount of codeine and need to wait for X amount of time.
I’m terrible at guesstimating, (and probably lots of others too) and as such this should maybe probably help out lots of people. Ideally format it similar to whats below so it’s nice and easy to read:
-Aspirin: X amount/ X time
-Morphine X amount/ X time

I’ve only ever used Morphine for it since the requirement was implemented. It takes 2 doses and takes around 40 minutes to reach full strength, if I recall correctly.

I have yet to find said morphine, which is exactly why I hoped someone to bring up a longer more detailed list. That said, even that small amount of info is useful, so thanks. Just a side thing to mention, while it’s a pain I do actually like that they added that system because it makes sense! To install the bionics you need to cut into your flesh, and it goes so far as to being your noggin, or straight into your eyeballs. So ya, that’s gotta hurt.

I usually use one morphine, and one codeine, and that does the trick without expending a second unit of morphine, since it’s in short supply.

I’ve used codeine for it . I takes 2 doses and use shortcut “a” - install bionic. The timeout should appear in the message.

In order to be numb enough for CBMs, you need to take enough Painkiller for a -10% reduction to speed. Heroin is really good at this, as it gives you -9% at full strength. You could take 1 Heroin and 1 Codeine if you needed to.

Huh, it only takes 2 codeine? I should definitely do that rather than the morphine, the required 2 doses takes you perilously close to the lethal limit.

Okay, that’s for the info so far. BTW, remember to NOT take 5 codeine in a row. It’s a bad idea to say the least.

Poppy painkiller is a lot easier to come by than most other pain meds and seems to take three, possibly two if your character is a lightweight.

I’ve always (well, before getting Sensory Dulling) taken two Oxycodone and waited an hour.

yeah 3 poppy and wait an hour. not like poppy is hard to get.

I game seems to be bugging out or something, since I took two codeine, waited how long the game said to, then got stuck. It seemed to permanently tell me it would take minutes to reach necessary effect, yet I can wait and extra five or even 30 minutes and it still says the same thing. Any help?