More WW2-Themed Items

As the title says, I think it wouldn’t hurt if Cataclysm had more WW2-themed items, such as clothing, tools, food and melee/ranged weapons from that era. You know, things like Luger P08 and such, it would be nice if there was a new profession that would start with WW2-themed items, I am thinking about some kind of a re-enactor.

Yes, re-enactor… How would that work? Well, I think it would work like this:

When you pick the re-enactor profession, then you have a chance to either start with a single item from WW2, or a full set of it, lets say a full set of soviet/nazi clothes. So for example, you can either start with a food can from WW2 era, a few rounds of ammo, or if you are lucky enough, clothes/weapons from WW2.

Now for an example of a new WW2 item:

Mosin-Nagant, 5 round magazine, can be used both as ranged and as a melee weapon. A bayonet can be attached into it, giving the weapon an ability to reach one tile further to stab them dirty zombies!

And please, do not bash me for including nazis in this suggestion, just please tell me if my idea is good or I should shut up for eternity.

A thread similar to this already existed here.
If you have any suggestion regarding WWII weapons, you can post there, chances are someone will find them interesting and code it. :slight_smile:

Oh alright, sorry I didn’t really bother to search up for it to be honest. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks.