Ajax Additions (Weapons, ammo, food, clothing, professions)

I do hope I have posted this in the correct place, I had gathered from the description of this part of the forum I have, but still. I shall get to the point.

I’ve recently been modding in custom weapons and other items along with more professions for starting characters purely because I felt that even though the game has a TON of content. I felt a lot of Weapons, or foods, or clothing items, or professions were still missing or maybe overlooked. Realising so, I started making additions to the game, and realised maybe others would be interested in this themselves.

I’ve currently in the course of 2 hours, been able to get a couple weapons and new ammo types in game, along with a couple new professions laid out and working ingame.

I am however entirely open to a list of what people would like to see included. Mainly because A combined culmination of requests and ideas I think would work better than just my own brain trying to think of what to add in.

So far included are -


Avtomat Kikonova-94 (AN94 Assault Rifle)

KSVK Anti Material Rifle

IMI Galil.



12.7mm Anti Material Rounds




Race Car Driver and Pit Crew

Apocalypse Prepper

Drill Sergeant


Flavoured water. (As I know some people including myself prefer water with a taste.)


So what else do you guys and gals think should be in Cataclysm?

A couple additions extra added to the above.


FN Mag

Steyr AUG

PP-19 Bizon

ARX 160



9x18mm Makarov Parabellum

Not huge progress but was able to get the above done and tweaked the past hour or so.

Fairly sure we already have 7.62x51mm, 5.56x45mm, Steyr AUG, Apocalypse Prepper profession, and the ARX 160.

Interesting. I’ve never recalled seeing a ARX, AUG. Ammo I was still iffy about. I shall take another look at the ammo types and rework it all to work with base calibres that are already implemented.

You can look up all of the objects in the game with the debug menu.

I guess this will teach me to stop and look before throwing in content abruptly. :slight_smile: