More Survival Tools not working

More survival tools is not working.

I am using v. 7166

How do I fix?

I’m not the best at these kind of things, but it looks to me that a quotation mark is in the place of the closing squiggly bracket thingy. If you look closely, there is a ^ pointing at the error. If you replace that with }, it might work. I suggest waiting for someone to confirm or deny my less-than-shoddy coding knowledge.

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It’s ok, I myself am retard. What do?

Right, instead of }, try :

I wish I wasn’t such a brainlet and could fix this. :frowning:


Sorry for the oopsie.

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Thank you dudes. I just copied everything you changed now it works.

I literally only caused more errors but okay, I’ll take some credit (JOKE)

Well you don’t have to apologize Kevin.

I need to do so. My bad people. I’m sorry.