More specific repair kits?

Heyo, was thinking about some things relating to the game, and I was wondering about something. From what I remember, there’s really only a few tools which also have the ability to repair (tailor’s kit, misc repair kit, arc welder, etc.), I know there’s functionality now to support these tools requiring different inputs in order for the repair to go through, but I was wondering if there’s ever been consideration for specific items whose sole purpose is to repair stuff. What would be the arguments against that?

Do you have examples in mind? We already have some fairly specific kits, like the gunsmith repair kit.

As for specific items that exist solely to repair things, the misc repair kit does only repair, and offers no crafting opportunities, unlike most other things. I would imagine its less a case of “we want them to only repair things” and more that the difference between the tools needed to repair something, and to craft something, is often fairly minimal, and generally additive. IE, a welder can fix a blown seam, or make new seams if you have unwelded raw sheet metal you just stamped to shape.