More Robust Construction/Traps

Lets brainstorm ideas from other games like minecraft/dwarf fortress that we can add here. The most detailed part of construction is building a car. I think we can add more detail to other parts as well. This becomes more useful when you jack up the zombie spawns. Your not going to have enough ammo to manually kill zombies at 50x spawns. You need to get creative. I have done a little bit of this, but found it limiting.

alot of this involves digging pits which slows them down. Could be interesting if I could pump water into a pit to drown ants or acid to melt zombies.

So far I have dug pits and then built fences around them. Lured zombies to it and lit fires as i go through. put a noise emmitter on the far side. Woudl like to be able to build very strong doors that I can bar and then cook the zombies inside. looking for other ideas. Possibly mechanical doors that are powered.

anyone else have ideas?