More detailed crafting (weapons can get damaged and item quality)

  1. armor gets damaged. weapons don’t. weapons should take wear and tear from use. Wooden weapons such as pointy sticks shouldn’t last all that long. Guns can jam and need maintenance.

  2. items should have quality levels. we have this with fitted cloths, but other items don’t. should add a random chance when crafting that goes up with skill. so you can make a certain bow when you hit a certain crafting level, odds are it won’t be very good. as you get to be a better crafter you get a % chance of higher quality. higher quality makes the item a little better and makes it last longer.

we dont want to overdo the weapon damage stuff cause it might turn into a grind and get boring.

  1. crafting eq. blacksmithing probably needs some kind of forge or something. these can be made or found. better ones provide better items. that kind of thing.

Three is already in.

One and two have been considered, I think.

Even after I added that enormous blacksmithing expansion and posted a big thread about it, folks are still unaware of it.

Heck, I even included a blacksmith profession to draw attention.

I’m out of ideas for what else I can do in order to let people know it’s there.

Start mailing them swords?

Maybe mail out copies of the weapon recipe book? The whole point is they can make their own swords now.

But seriously, it’s right up there with the thread I just saw under suggestions that said something to the effect of, ‘add bacon to the game,’ when I already added bacon to the game a week or two ago!

There there, I’m sure plenty of people are silently enjoying the new stuff.

In real life most guns wont jam unless the person using it is a dumbass and doesnt know how to use it or the gun it self isnt of good quality (Most guns would probably last longer then the person using it.) Weapon damage makes sense for makeshift/non weapons only (like hell a broadsword is going to break from doing what it was meant to do)

I’ve had a lot of guns jam up on me over the years, and I know what I’m doing with them.

Cheap ammunition, lack of regular cleaning (and some guns can get grunged up in the course of a single magazine plus it’s currently impossible to clean your guns in Cataclysm) or something like a weakened spring in your extractor can all cause a gun to jam up.

I’ve found that it’s usually got less to do with the skill of the shooter - no amount of practice is going to make the gun cycle when it refuses to kick out spent brass, or when the bolt has so much powder residue around it that it’s gritty - and has more to do with the level of routine maintenance the firearm is treated with.

^This. Regular maintenance is a must, and it’s not a stretch to imagine that some dingy guns you found in a looted gunstore in a post-nuclear wasteland might be a little worse for the wear. Then again, it’s not to the extent that most other games will represent it. Farcry 2 is hilarious, for example, with how it represent catastrophic failures.

Shooter skill matters somewhat with certain types of firearms. Glocks and some other compact semi-automatic handguns can and will jam up if you don’t hold your arm stiff and straight. The weapon requires recoil energy to cycle, if your arm is all spaghetti noodlin’ around some of that recoil goes up your arm instead of into the slide, causing stovepipes.

If your arm is all floppy like that, then a jam is the least of your worries.

Getting proper medical attention for the toes you’ve shot off, or the iron sights that are imbedded in your forehead might be a priority though.

Maybe I’m not looking at it from the proper perspective, since I’ve been comfortable operating firearms since before I can remember.

i use the blacksmithing profession and understand it a little.

i think crafting should give a % chance of not just crafting an item, but different levels of quality. as skill goes up, you get better odds of making better equipment. so its not just ‘succeed or failed’.

Seriously, it’s been considered before.

Also… I really wanted to say this for a while, but please capitalize properly.

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