Hi! Weapon misfiring will be in the next release; Kevin ported it from Oddzball’s fork a few days ago. Every shit has a 1% chance of misfiring, I think.

I agree totally about durability, and I think that firearms and ammo are way too common, and overpowered past the point of being game-breaking, especially with high skill.

I hate when that happens.

I will update this soon o adjust the probability of a misfire based on weapon durability and probably pertinent player skills.

I’d also like to add a mechanic where it jams instead of misfiring, requiring an action to clear the jam. This has a similar effect to misfires, but has a distinct feel to it. I’m still pondering exactly how this should work, so it might be a while before I get around to it.

Gun (and other weapons/tools/etc) condition deterioration with use is also a possibility, but we’re trying to come up with a way of doing it that gives the flavor of not being able to abuse your tools forever with no repercussions without making it a PITA maintenance thing that you have to do all the time.

I don’t anticipate making firearms explode any time soon.

I hate when that happens.[/quote]

Have you considered adding more fiber to your diet?

I don’t think it should be automatic - just because if a Hulk is in my face and my weapon jams, i’d prefer to use the actions to pull out another one or run away.

I agree with Vorpal, it’s up to the player to decide whether to spend that time to try and clear a jam vs taking some other action. The only way I would make clearing a jam automatic is if you’ve reached a godlike skill level where it literally takes no time to clear. Otherwise the time spent is just a penalty instead of a potential decision.

Keep in mind, different actions take different amounts of time, so I’m not saying I’d make clearing a jam take a full “turn”, just that the choice to do it or not is up to the player.

We have durability numbers in place for guns already, and at the upper levels I’ll be aiming for “basically never jams unless the gun is physically damaged”.

When we say a gun “breaks”, what we are representing is some component breaking, not the gun snapping in half or something. It’s just that we aren’t modelling every part of the gun separately, it’s just a gun that has a bundle of stats attached. And yes, with a “broken” gun you would potentially be able to repair it.

I hate when that happens.[/quote]
Have you considered adding more fiber to your diet?[/quote]
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You guys are a proverbial fountain of information.

As a soldier of ten years I can say we are taught some specific things when it comes to clearing Jams. This applies mainly to the M16 & M4. We have immediate action, we call SPORTS. Slap the magazine well, Pull the charging handle, Observe the ejection port, Release the Charging Handle, Squeeze the Trigger. This of course get’s a lil shorter during combat. I’m not a combat soldier, but I was told they use a very short version of that if their weapon jams in combat. Though good maintenance will help.