More arrowheads

I am actively preparing to add some more arrowheads, mainly bone arrowheads, into the game. Basically, carving a bone into a few arrowheads and just copying another arrow recipe but swapping out the arrowhead. And this got me thinking, there could be so much more.

Look at e.g Arrowhead - Wikipedia

Even a sharpened nail could be a makeshift arrowhead. Maybe even flint or obsidian (not the main point here, but the cataclysm brought lava into new england, so there should be obsidian) arrowheads would make sense.

And maybe even bone spear points are in reach now, too. Aargh, I am doing it again. This is out of scope.

Anyways. Making Bone Arrowheads - YouTube shows that one could utilize the carving skill instead of knapping to create bone arrow heads. Maybe both to break the bone into pieces.

One could also create advanced™ arrowheads which have vicious, I forgot how you call it, edges or crevices which cause damage when you pull the arrow out. Pulling arrows out of your limb is not implemented yet, but such an arrow could still get a small bonus to cutting damage.

Currently a bone seems to be 6 cm long, so you can get 2 arrowheads from one bone perhaps.

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Personally, I’d really like to see an addition like this. Most of my characters end up living a fairly low tech lifestyle. They don’t shun tech, but there’s a certain drawn to eeking out a living with mostly early industrial or older style tech. (I do still use solar panels and batteries to charge & power hand tools however). More low tech variety would be a welcome addition in my eyes.

I think the type of arrowheads you were referring to that cause damage if pulled back out the way they went in are barbed arrowheads. There were apparently tools to help pull out barbed arrows and increase the chance of -not- bleeding to death… IF there was a skilled surgeon on hand. Either way, it sounded incredibly painful and usually amounted to heavy blood loss no matter how you got the arrow out.

I do like low tech additions, too. These tend to be renewable, so you do not need to scavenge the remnants of cities for resources.
I think there is a phase at the beginning where you need to prepare your survivor before heading into zombie territory and low tech things are the only things available to you.
Wilderness and escaped mutant runs also rely on low tech heavily in the beginning.

I will definitely consider adding barbed arrowheads, but these will be something advanced. Carving or forging them requires a good amount of finesse, too. I will see if there is a json property allowing me to inflict extra bleeding.

Curently a lot of these you suggest arrows are already in the game under the name makeshift wooden arrow. Which is just a catch all term for these ones.

Makes me wonder: Doesn’t a arrow with the right arrowhead stuck in a creature continue to do damage if the creature continues to move around do to cutting up the insides causing more bloodlose.

I would guess so if it has sharpened edges and not just a pointed tip.