Re-add craftable arrows?

Most of the arrow types were removed for some reason. You can’t make anything other than simple fire hardened arrows without a forge now, which isn’t entirely realistic. Bows aren’t as viable as they used to be because of this.

The only arrows you can’t craft are the aluminum and carbon fire ones. The rest (wooden broadhead/bodkin and etc) are all still craftable.

you may be playing without mods you used to use, there are several mods that add arrow types

There used to be field point and heavy arrows, among others, but those aren’t even in the game for some reason. I don’t think any of the mods in the launcher REMOVE arrow types, do they?

I think those arrows are from the additional survival tools mod or something. Have you stopped using it (or another mod) between play-throughs that added the arrows into the base game?

No, More Survival Tools is installed. Maybe the mod isn’t working right, if that’s the case.

been forever since I played, it could well be from another mod. Just something to keep in mind.

Well hopefully they get put back in. They got removed a few patches ago for some reason. Maybe for re-working or something? Would appreciate some info from someone who knows for sure.

still pretty sure its from one of the mods, though it could be that one of the patches broke the way the mod adds it or something.

The Simple metal arrow can be made without a forge and is at the very least better than fire hardened arrows.

You could probably add a “crude broad head” or somesuch that is the same as the other broad head, but with lower damage and armor piercing. Remove the forge from the requirements and just require hammering and anvil 1 to make it representative of just hammering an arrowhead out of scrap metal.

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