Mooses and bears should make moose and bear noises

I’m tired of running into one of these bastards like a landmine, waiting silent, stealthy, as if it is their entire life goal to make mine a living hell.

Sure, if you have a shotgun, you can stop the bastards, but not everyone has a shotgun. I’d like some time to run.

A little “Mroo-roOo-Roo-Ku-Ku-Ree-Koo!” for the mooses perhaps.

For the bears, your standard roar sound, “Vrinsk! Vrinsk!” noise. This would give people time to know a bear is coming. Everyone knows what a bear sounds like.

I don’t know the bear sound you speak of. Maybe you should post a recording of you mimicking it…

You can see them on the compass…

yea and if they are behimd door or window this door or window will be broken before player can act

You can hear the door being broken and the window being shattered…

From the north you hear Giraffe noises!

I recall reading somewhere that giraffes occasionally moo but I don’t know if thats true.

Giiraffes make sort of a “Vree-Skree-Hee” noise.

Mooses and bearses.

…sorry, couldn’t help myself.

And if noise is not enough, their horrendous smell would definitely stand out.

Yeah, definitely feel like some strong odors should accompany some animals, even without smellovision. Perhaps even some animals that are so smelly they are extra nauseating to people with olfactory improvements.

You forget how this would be implemented in game. A message wouldn’t cut it for me. And the scent CBM works nicely here.

not a bad idea!

maybe you should mention this in the needful things thread.

How else would you do it? You could only track by scent strength. I suppose you just set a sensitivity scale and the scent value determines what message you get. “It smells of a strong odor.” And CBMs increase your sensitivity to the scale "You detect traces of " However if the strength of the scent crosses a threshold, it can cause nausea. Olfactory CBMs decrease this threshold at the same rate that they increase sensitivity.

Currently the only scent in-game is yours: the character emits scent, and that’s it. So this would require a bit of an overhaul. :-/

Something else to keep in mind, scent dispersion is currently the #1 thing that slows down the game when passing turns rapidly (crafting, waiting, reading) and adding monster scents would scale that load with the number of different monster scents. 2 monster scents (say animal and zombie) would triple the overhead. :confused:

Eeh. Maybe just make it so when you contact a scent it doesn’t actually separate the scents it just checks the distance to the closest,“smelliest” thing around and then reports the message when you catch any scent?