Monsters with guns

I’m trying to replace the zombie cops and zombie soldiers with living, non-zombie cops and soldiers, but they won’t fire their guns.
Cops: “type” : “MONSTER”,
“id” : “mon_zombie_cop”,
“name”: “cop”,
“death_drops”: “mon_zombie_cop_death_drops”,
“burn_into” : “mon_zombie_scorched”,
“special_attacks”:[[“TAZER”, 5],
“type” : “gun”,
“cooldown” : 2,
“gun_type” : “m1911”,
“ammo_type” : “45_acp”,
“max_ammo” : 1000,
“fake_str” : 11,
“fake_dex” : 12,
“fake_per” : 12,
“fake_skills” : [[“gun”, 4], [“pistol”, 6]],
“move_cost” : 95,
“targeting_cost” : 55,
“range” : 12,
“description” : “The cop’s pistol fires!”,
“targeting_sound” : “‘FREEZE, PUNK!’”,
“targeting_volume” : 15,
“no_ammo_sound” : “chk chk!”
“starting_ammo” : {“45_acp”: 55},
“description”:“A police officer, trying to keep the peace.”,
“anger_triggers”:[“HURT”, “FRIEND_ATTACKED”],

Soldiers: “type” : “MONSTER”,
“id” : “mon_zombie_soldier”,
“name”: “soldier”,
“death_drops”: “mon_zombie_soldier_death_drops”,
“burn_into” : “mon_zombie_scorched”,
“type” : “gun”,
“cooldown” : 7,
“gun_type” : “hk_g36”,
“ammo_type” : “223”,
“max_ammo” : 1000,
“fake_str” : 18,
“fake_dex” : 16,
“fake_per” : 16,
“fake_skills” : [[“gun”, 5], [“rifle”, 10]],
“move_cost” : 100,
“targeting_cost” : 60,
“burst_limit”: 6,
“range” : 15,
“description” : “P-P-P-POW”,
“targeting_sound” : “‘Semper fi.’”,
“targeting_volume” : 15,
“no_ammo_sound” : “chk, chk!”
“starting_ammo” : {“223”:150},
“description”:“A soldier. You should thank him for his service.”,
“anger_triggers”:[“HURT”, “FRIEND_ATTACKED”],


Im always glad to see such practice spread.

Ive found that cooldowns lower than 7 are important.
In addition, the ai seems to weigh its own ‘steadiness’ and accuracy, and will not shoot at something too much faster than it.

Try putting it into a room with an NPC and a monster too. The player is actually the least likely to be shot at, from my experience. And I have been doing the monsters with guns thing the longest…

Or you can set
"require_targeting_player" : false,
“require_targeting_npc” : false,
“require_targeting_monster” : false

This should make them shoot without warning.

What’s the lore of that mod?

The lore of the mod?

well, its an expansion of the ideas of the core game to make the game harder via combat.

All major factions are upgraded, from ants to zombies. There are intermediate zombies, and endgame zombies.

Zombies can evolve sooner, and above all else its an attempt to breathe life into the game after players find that the standard zombie is just too weak.

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Does the Blob learn how to use guns?